Subject: Patch Notes
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1. Bugs connected with: frost aura, charged arrow have been fixed.
2. Bug connected with copying sign '<<' and '>>' has been fixed
3. Dropping and selling quest items feature has been fixed
4. Bug causing low-level players dealing higher damage without weapon equipped has been fixed.
5. New: for testing purpose an anti-bot for daily quests has been added.


1. Item-type info has been added.
2. Notification sounds has been added: new message, friend/enemy appeared on the map, elite II appeared on the map, hero in sight.
3. Clans now can be created right through Clan Panel
4. Advertisements have been added to the banner panel and minor bugs connected with them have been fied.
5. A button triggering full-screen has been added.
6. Character statistic distribution system has been changed. Since now they are being distributed through expandable character statistics panel. That panel has new design.
7. Clicking on map button will show current map instead of world map.
8. Group window now appears immediately after joining group and current window position is remembered by system.
9. Clan panel has been redesigned.
10. All texts from pop-up windows have been centered.

1. Godsforsaken Catacombs have been added.

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1.The PvP shield during an NPC encounter was changed. From now on players are not able to use old bug which gave very long or even unlimited protection.
2. Logout and character change system (this applies also to Margonem Mini). Due to the engine operation, the player's character disappear from the game within 8-25 seconds. From now on, this period has been reduced to 10 seconds, regardless of whether it is a logout or character change. The player can wait and make sure that the character is logged out of the game or exit the game, and the character will disappear from the game in 10 seconds.
3. Requirements changes in the skill column for all classes. From today all skills available at the 180 level may be activated from 170 level.
4. Showing the equipment has been turned off for characters of the Experimental world.
5. Known bug was fixed in which the activation of the critical shield caused a reduction from all attacks (primary / secondary / third), even if they were not enhanced by critical hits
6. The server system has been changed. Now, when a technical problem appears it will not occur in endless respawn interruptions.
7. If player sold the item at auction for an amount greater than gold limit, he would have rest of gold provided via in-game post. Gold withdraw will fulfill the currency up to the limit. The difference remains in the in-game post until full receipt of gold per item sold.
This will allow for sale valuable items by low-level characters without worrying about the exceeding the gold limit. To avoid mistakes in random loses, the player will be not able to delete messages which contains excess.

For example:
1. Player John owns 10 million in his single character and his gold limit is 100 million.
2. John sold a valuable item for 200 million.
3. Then he received a message from auctioneer with attached gold.
4. Now, player John may withdraw 90 million (because he already carries 10).
5. The rest 110 million will stay in his message.
6. To make withdraw possible again, John has to spend his gold or use deposit.
7. The message from auctioneer can be removed only after full receipt of gold

Note! This example doesn't include a 10 % commission.

New interface:
1. Tip colors were changed
2. The appearance of music panel was changed
3. From now on battle show function can be accessed via editable hotkey.
4. There is a new function for quick server change
5. Map animation has been disabled by default. It can be activated from the configuration level
6. The appearance of "Who Is Here" add-on was changed. Also new function for defining specific player color was added.
7. The ability to define a hotkey for Full Screen was added
8. Antidote information was added to the combat log
9. The appearance of "Loot Filter" add-on was changed
10. Minor fixes in displaying banners
11. The logout button color was changed
12. Minor bug fixes in audio player
13. Amendments relating to outfit animation
14. Fixes for multiple windows appear after mistaking purchase from an NPC
15. Fix associated with the saved window position and the frequency of their appearance
16. Fix associated with incorrect highlighting items for the unique / heroic / legendary type
17. Fixed an error related to battles on instance maps
18. Typo in the clan task description was corrected

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Reputation abolition!

New rules are coming and they are followed by abolition for every player whose reputation is currently below 0.

From now on every player with 1 reputation point may assign up to 5 valid votes:
- 1 for everybody
- +1 for every 100 lvl
- +1 for 100 days of playing
- +1 for 100 reputation
- +1 for 100 posts

After you exceed the limit you can still vote, however this will not affect on the reputation of the author's post. If you have less than 200 reputation points, you will have no possibility to vote, unless you take a part in the conversation.

To secure against simple reputation lowering, votes older than 7 days, votes from the same enemy clan and the same IP will not be counted.

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We have a Friday, so the time has come for a week of madness! We have prepared for you two events which will make Margonem exploration even more enjoyable.

1. Minievent

Until November 14 you can enjoy special blessings. Anyone can choose whether to have increased the amount of experience or a better chance of winning items.

Visit Albina in Navia and ask for a blessing!

2. Halloween!

It is time for ghosts and ghouls! Near the gate in the city of Ithan you shall find Vladimir who will take you to Navia. This mysterious island holds many secrets!
Face off against the vampire who is lurking in the forest and be prepared to hunt for Doombat in terrifying attic where he finds it as his favorite hideout.

What's worse.. On the Margonem land the Silent is prowling. However, her presence is difficult to notice....

In Navia necessarily visit Meave, who organized a lottery and Aibe, who prepared an interesting outfit!

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1. Fix: Console has been enlarged to display alerts correctly.
2. Windows can be now dragged through the whole game panel.
3. Key short cut system has been modified. New buttons can be added.
4. Item comparison system now works only during holding the CTRL button. This can be changed in the game configuration.

1. Fix: mana and energy reduction formula in spectral items has been fixed.
2. Fix: Black blood ability has been fixed; permanent action has been changed to temporary
3. Fix: reduction of mana and energy destruction system has been fixed.
4. Fix: Logout system has been fixed and the time of re-logging has been shortened to 5 seconds.
5. Strength to health multiplier formula in armours below 5 level has been changed.

1. Fix: clan ability Spectral Wanderer now properly generates additional uses of the spectral item.
2. Fix: NPC dialogues are now displayed properly.
3. Fix. CM/SCM tips are now displayed properly.
4. Fix: prices in the store panel are now displayed properly.
5. Fix: text in clan quests doesn't contain typos now.
6. Fix: alert connected with too many clan members has been fixed.
7. Fix: tips popping up during item binding process have been fixed.
8. Fix: Opera browser now displays banners correctly.
9. Fix: outfits are now displayed correctly.
10. Fix: Quest tracking now works properly.
11. Fix: character level actualisation during server or character change has been fixed.
12. Update: shops' graphics has been updated.
13. Update: graphic of the reagents in recipe system has been updated.
14. Update: information that popped up during to rapid writing on chat has been updated.
15 Update: chat graphics has been updated.
16. Update: character statistics panel has been updated.

1. Display system of item tips has been changed.
2. Premium gold panel has been changed.
3. Quest panel has been changed.
4. Item recovery panel has been changed.
CHANGELOG (07/03/17)



Numerous typo corrections and name changes in character's stats.
New value formatting (1000 -> 1 000).
New stats:
-destroying mana;
-destroying energy;
-destroying armor;
-lowering SA;
-lowering evasion;
-lowering critical hit.


Implementation of a default color for options which are not set. It concerns add-ons "Who's here?" and "Handy Map".
In the "Who's here?" add-on a possibility of highliting other player has been added.


Highliting mob groups option has been added.
Implementation of new interface pointers.
Item stats display mode has been updated - permanently bound.
Players can now add their friends to their teams from any place in the game by a new button (condition: a player must be on a friends list).
Additional filters in shops:
- prof. - displays items according to a character profession;
- lvl - displays items according to their levels;
- price - displays items which can be bought for owned currency in the shop.
Displaying loots (if more than 6) has been fixed.
Displaying aura actions during a fight has been improved.
Changes in fight logs (removal of recurring bonuses).

Jon the Enigma and Hansimillion Fleetfoot offers have been updated.
Minor quest fixes.
Minor loot fixes.
Minor item updates.


Numerous bugs concerning cursed items improvements have been fixed.
Chatlog will be autoscrolling from now.
Errors with music panel have been fixed.
Displaying mascot tips has been improved.
From now, players can buy additional bookmarks in the Deposit.

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"Margonem Basin"

You must be at least level 70 to participate in the event.

1. Meet Rim and help him with his problem to receive a reward.
2. Grab coal and copper scattered all over the map (tip: mines, caves, caverns).
3. Craft acquired minerals into copper ingots. Ingots can be exchanged for magic chests (available at Rim's).
4. Each chest costs 2 copper ingots. By opening a magic chest you can draw one of the blessings below:
-Legendary Experience Blessing,
-Legendary Luck Blessing,
-Talented Explorer Blessing,
-Experienced Seeker Blessing,
-Experience and Health Lesser Blessing,
-Experience and Protection Lesser Blessing.

Are you ready for an incredible adventure?

You can buy bags with coal (30 each) and copper (10 each) at Suspicious Miner's.


First player to find and post on the board ([url=http://forum.margonem.com/topic/view,2650,1]here[/url]) all 20 mineral locations will receive 2x Legendary Experience Blessing + 2x Legendary Luck Blessing.

Good luck!

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CHANGELOG (07/10/17)

1. "Margonem Basin" event has ended. The resources and Suspicious Miner will disappear. Rim will stay up to Friday (7/14).
2. The Auction window has been refreshed (client update).
CHANGELOG (7/14/17)

1. Added: New EXP Maps:
-Shaiharrud Desert - West
-Shaiharrud Desert - East
-Dragon Rockfoil
-Vapor Cliff
-Rocks of Dead
-Swamps of Dead
2. Added: New teleports in the shop.
3. Minor quest changes.
4. Minor item changes.
CHANGELOG (8/22/17)

1.2017 Holiday Event can be started at Captain's Westwind in Tuzmer Harbor once a player reaches level 50.

2.New shops have been added (location: Mysterious Ruins):
-Adam the Dealer (currency: Illi Stones)
-Bugay the Dealer (currency: Draconites)
-Dejen the Dealer (currency: Gold)
-Martin the Dealer (currency: Titan's Spells*)

*Titan's Spells can be bought for new Blessings at Mahogany the Trader (location: Mysterious Ruins).

3.Four e2 NPCs have been added across the land:
-Wetisgaben (lvl 50)
-Zolleraben (lvl 130)
-Ultravox (lvl 190)
-Tahevoix (lvl 270)

4.Titans will spawn in additional new locations from now on.

5.Two premium chests* have been added.

*We won't exchange any duplicated items from premium chests. The chests give random items, which adds an element of risk to the drawing process. The player accepts this fact by buying them.
PATCH NOTES (8/23/17)

1.Quest bugs have been fixed.
2.Heroic items from E2 have been unbounded.
3.Respawn after fighting Titan has been corrected.
4.Illi Stones loot chance (Lenarmelich's Rebel) has been increased.
5.The event currency type has been changed from upgraded to normal.
6.Several typos have been corrected.
7.Stone of Amurru has been properly adjusted.

8.Dragon's Chest empty loot has been deleted.
9.Claw of Young Dragon loot chance has been increased.
10.Chakrams of Nomads and Desert Chackrams values have been corrected.
PATCH NOTES (8/24/17)

1. Titans have been weakened.
2. Seaweed with Illi Stones have been added to E1 and E2 mob loots, whereas Illi Stones to regular mobs*.

*Regular mob loots have been set to indestructible.

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PATCH NOTES (8/25/17)

1.Rim is back! He'll be waiting for you in the Town Hall in Ithan (level 50 required).
2.Outfits are 50% off through the weekend.
3.Chests with stolen outfits have been added.
4.Titans have been weakened further.
5.Level Advantage Bonus has been activated.
6.New E2 - Young Jack Poisoner.
PATCH NOTES (9/8/17)

1.Added: Mamlambo (teleport at Rim's).
2.Weakened: Mufteroin.
3.All monsters will now respawn 2x quicker (ends: 9/11 14:00 UTC+2).

All changes come into force at 14:00 UTC+2.

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PATCH NOTES (9/11/17)

1.Added: Premium Chest with Dragon Blessings.

2.Monster respawn has been set back to 1x.

All changes come into force at 14:00 UTC+2.

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PATCH NOTES (9/15/17)

1.Path to Mamlambo has been opened (Mulu Hamlet).
2.Rim the Explorer will teleport until the end of the month.
3.Creator has been added to the game.
4.Minor fixes.

All changes come into force at 14:00 UTC+2.

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PATCH NOTES (9/22/17)

1.2017 Holiday Event has been shut down. All event quests will be unavailable.
2.Seaweed with Illi Stones and Illi Stone items have been removed from NPC loots, and are worthless from now on.
3.A few maps have been refreshed.

All changes come into force at 10:00 UTC+2.

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PATCH NOTES (10/02/17)

1.Daily Rewards have been added to the game - associated NPCs: Rim the Explorer (Town Hall Ithan), Umpok the Trader (Ithan).
2.Minor fixes.

All changes come into force at 14:00 UTC+2.

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PATCH NOTES (10/12/17)

1. Noxious Gratitude quest error has been fixed.
2. Torneg and Fields of Gold have been updated.
3. Companions Sale (through Monday 16th).
4. Kobolds are available through Monday 16th.

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PATCH NOTES (10/26/17)

1. Introduction of Daily Hunt (available at Rim the Explorer).
2. Numerous bug fixes.

All changes come into force at 14:30 UTC+2.

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PATCH NOTES (10/31/2017)

1. 2017 Halloween Event will be available through Sunday 19.
2. Masked Blaise respawning problem has been fixed.
3. Minor fixes.
PATCH NOTES (10/31/2017) - 2

1. Magic Pumpkin bug has been fixed.
2. Teleport to Mirvenis-Adur has been added (Khaled the Guardian, Eder).
3. Bug with Hunter Stone recipe has been fixed.
4. Miriam will have an additional dialog with Undead Ambrosia supply from now (you have to complete Zombie Apocalypse).
5. Several collision bugs have been fixed.
6. Frightening Ted respawn has been set to 5 minutes.
7. Morcer's store has been fixed (takes effect tomorrow).

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PATCH NOTES (11/1/2017)

1. A new Halloween quest has been added (talk to Khalid the Guardian in Mirvenis-Adur). You have to finish Margonem Horror Story to unlock it.
2. Several collision bugs in Ice Hall and Cave of Ice Magic have been fixed.
3. Challenge Chests bug has been fixed.
4. Chicken Eggs can be stacked now (10).

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PATCH NOTES (11/2/2017)

1. Morcer's bug with Pumpkin Challenges and Ghul Eye have been fixed.
2. Challenge Chests that were added by mistake were changed into Teleportation Stones, so nobody would get confused again.

Changes take effect at 1430 UTC+1.
PATCH NOTES (11/14/2017)

1. Added: Matchmaking.

2. Bug fixes.

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PATCH NOTES (11/28/2017)

1. Added: Spiders Update - two quests for levels 200-227 ('Where are you, my love?' and 'My Way'). The initial quest can be started in A Slice of Heaven at Nyffeler's. The update includes also Marlloth Malignitas e2.
2. Update: New premium store look.
3. Sale: Upgrades Set sale will be available through Monday 4, 2:00 PM UTC+1.
4. Fixed: Wanted Dead or Alive bug associated with Xogun.
5. Fixed: Several collision bugs in Ithan.
6. Fixed: NPC positions in Wildcat Den.
+ minor fixes
PATCH NOTES (11/29/2017)

1. Added: Lightning Spectrum, Spider Helmet of Lost Will.
2. Fixed: Collision bugs in Thuzal.
PATCH NOTES (12/1/2017)

1. Added: Advent Calendar.
2. Changed: Tutorial and Tutorial Retold.
3. Changed: More flowers in Shamans Settlement used in Tutorial.
4. Added: Shops for all professions in Shamans Settlement.
5. Minor fixes.
PATCH NOTES (12/4/2017)

1. Fixed: Advent Calendar.
2. Fixed: Graphics of Spiders in Old Storehouse - Basement & Spiderweb Cavern - 1st Level.
3. Sales: New offer in Premium Store.
4. Minor fixes & tweaks.
PATCH NOTES (12/11/2017)[/B]

1. Sale: 2 outfit boxes + mixture.
PATCH NOTES (12/21/2017)

1. Added: 2017 Xmas Update (starts at: Robson in Ithan).
2. New hero: Elon Evo.
3. New premium offers.
4. Bug fixes.

PATCH NOTES (1/12/2018)

1. Roots Update quests: The Roots Awaken & Chaos Is a Friend of Mine can be started at Mysterious Migrant in Thuzal.
2. Added: New Exping Maps.
3. Added: Roots Update store in Mythar (Pulu Mulu the Trader).
4. Added: New E2 - Elon Evo XII.
5. Added: New hero - Oakhornus.
6. New SALE in Premium Store.

The changes take effect at 2:30 PM UTC+1.

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PATCH NOTES (1/15/2018)

1. Fixed: Recipes Bug.
2. Fixed: Maddok Magua Bug.

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PATCH NOTES (1/17/2018)

1. Fixed: Erring Montante & The Source of the Roots mobs empty loots.
2. Updated: Main Towns maps.
3. Misc: New SALE in Premium Store.

The changes take effect at 2:30 PM UTC+1.

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PATCH NOTES (1/25/2018)

1. Added: Anurak Croaker and River Pantherania item exchange support (Old Man Pailus).
2. Misc: New SALE!
3. Misc: New premium Dragon Boxes with dozens of new Dragon items!

The changes take effect at 2 PM UTC+1.
PATCH NOTES (1/26/2018)

1. Misc: Loot drop is 100% higher from now on.
2. Misc: Characters slots have been extended to 5 (500 Draconites per Character).

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PATCH NOTES (1/30/2018)
2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 1

1. New maps: Pass of Sanguine Messenger, Ithan Undeground Tunnels.
2. New quests: Translator's Challenge, A Map and Crushed Stones, Demigorgon, First Things First, The Origins of the Uberbeast, Superchaged, Don't Stop Believing.
3. Refreshed maps: Sinister Marshes, Reptile Dale, Verdant Crossroads, Pinetree Wilds, Death's Notch, Grizzly Precipice.
4. Added: New items in Daily Rewards.
5. Fixed: Waterside position bug in Mulu Hamlet.
6. Misc: New SALE!
PATCH NOTES (1/30/2018) - 2

1. Fixed: Demigorgon party kill bug.
2. Fixed: Griffs loots in Pass of Sanguine Messenger.
3. Fixed: Bug with returning to New Palmido via Rim's Multipurpose Machine.
PATCH NOTES (2/2/2018)

1. Removed: The requirement to kill Demigorgon in 'Demigorgon' quest.
PATCH NOTES (2/5/2018)

1. Added: Grotto of Craze (1st and 2nd Level).
2. Fixed: Crazy Bears quest.
3. Fixed: Various Collison bugs in Ithan, Thuzal, Verbin.
PATCH NOTES (2/5/2018) - 2

1. Fixed: Collision bugs in Grotto of Craze - 1st Level.
2. Fixed: Grotto of Craze - 2nd Level exit.
PATCH NOTES (2/7/2018)

1. Removed: Quests: Teleportation in Nithal, Teleportation in Eder, Teleportation in Ithan, Teleportation in Karka-han, Teleportation in Verbin, Teleportation in Torneg, Teleportation in Tuzmer, Teleportation in Thuzal, Teleportation in Death's Notch.
2. Removed: Dialogs associated with 'Teleportation in' Quests.
3. Change: Lantis the Guide has become a Planar Order's Representative.
4. Change: Planar Order Teleportation Services prices have been adjusted to the current market situation.
5. Premium: New SALE!
6. Premium: New outfits!
7. Premium: Prices of Daily Rewards Chests have been changed (excluding the one for Draconites).

The changes take effect at 2 PM UTC+1.
PATCH NOTES (2/9/2018)

1. Fixed: Serpent Troubles quest.
2. Misc: Several quest content fixes.
PATCH NOTES (2/12/2018)

1. Fixed: Night Mistress's respawn coordinates.
2. Fixed: Demonis Lord of the Void's respawn positions.
3. Updated: Margonem Minimap at Erkor the Cartographer's.
4. Misc: White Bone Grotto - 3rd Level - 2nd Chamber has been renamed to Grotto of Boring Drops - 2nd Level.
PATCH NOTES (2/14/2018)
2018 Ghost Update

1. New quests (150-160): Ghost Story, Fan Service (both quests are available at: Siobhan the Ghost's in Alcove in Tass Zhil*).
2. New maps: Ruins of Tass Zhil, Cursed Tomb, Secret Pass, Tomb Vestibule, Alcove in Tass Zhil.
3. New E2: Palumpa Pumpa (156 mage).
4. Premium: New SALE!

*Teleport via Bhahar Ghrahghar in Ruins of Tass Zhil.
PATCH NOTES (2/21/2018)
2018 Upgrades Update - Road to Legend Part 2

1. Added: 'Demigorgon Essence' quest (Albion the High Priest in Pass of Sanguine Messenger).
2. Added: New stores: Robson (Ithan), Niv the Linguist (Karka-han), Albion the High Priest (Pass of Sanguine Messenger), Aoife the High Priestess (Pass of Sanguine Messenger), Mysterious Migrant (Thuzal).
3. Added: Coal and Iron renewables in Dogoran Mine - 1st Level, Dogoran Mine - 2nd Level, Dogoran Mine - 3rd Level, Adamantium Mine - 1st Level, Adamantium Mine - 2nd Level, Giriel-uzbad Mine - 5th Level*.
4. Added: Ash Log renewables in Eagle Ridge, Forest Ford, Woodland Pass, Sacred Woods, Forgotten Forest*.
5. Added: Premium sources of Coal, Iron, Ash Log - Rich Coal Vein, Rich Iron Vein, Ancient Ash Log. The premium sources are available on the maps with renewables above (excluding maps marked with *).
6. Added: New hero - Fake Fox (5).
7. Added: New mobs - 6x Gnat, 2x Blue Sneye, 2x Brown Sneye in 'Road to Elite 2' map.
8. Changed: Mob levels in Road to Elite 2: regular - 5-7 lvl, elite 1 - 7 lvl, elite 2 - 5 lvl.
9. Changed: 'Hungry Cat' and 'Nyan Cat!' quests rewards are higher now.
10. Fixed: Minor bugs and typos in Tutorial quests.
11. Fixed: NPC positions in Manhior Shaft - 3rd Level.
12. Fixed: Mouser the King of Ratkin's loot.
13. Premium: New SALE!
14. Premium: New items - Blue Crystal Pickaxe (grants access to Rich Iron Vein and Rich Coal Vein), Blue Crystal Axe (grants access to Ancient Ash Log).

The changes take effect at 2 PM UTC+1.

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PATCH NOTES (2/23/2018)

1. Fixed: Ithan collision bugs.
2. Misc: 3x better loots through March, 3.

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PATCH NOTES (2/23/2018) - 2

1. Changed: Tutorial has been improved.
2. Fixed: Minor bugs.
PATCH NOTES (2/28/2018)

1. Changed: Safe Haven door location in Undeground River.
2. Added: New items in River Lord's loot.
3. Misc: Minor fixes.
PATCH NOTES (3/7/2018)
2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 3

1. Added: Quests: Conductive Crystals, Back in Time, Rip in Time, Power of X, Enlightenment, Rim of All Trades, Thunder Road. The series can be started at Rim the Explorer's in Ithan Town Hall - 2nd Floor.
2. Misc Triple loot bonus has been restored to singular.
3. Updated: Elites 43-48 Mob loots.
4. Fixed: Minor bugs.
5. Premium: NEW SALE!

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PATCH NOTES (3/14/2018)

1. Major change: Crafting NPCs have been replaced with shops and recipes.
2. Changed: Few improvements in New Tutorial quests.
3. Changed: Skills have been adjusted to Margonem.pl ones.
4. Fixed: Vorundriel's loot.
5. Fixed: Bug with teleporting to Shamans Settlement through Rim the Explorer.
6. Fixed: Minor bugs.
7. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (3/16/2018)

1. Fixed: Rim multiicons associated with 2018 Upgrades Update 3.
2. Misc: Free skill learning and skills reset through March 23. Available at: Umpok the Trader (Ithan).
PATCH NOTES (3/19/2018)

1. Fix: Added Cursed Thread for Leather Sewing to Gretlich the Armorer's shop.
2. Fixed: Invalid locations of 'Town Dungeon' door and Dungeon Guard in Karka-han.
3. Update: Daze and Burning Arrow skills should work properly now.
4. Premium: NEW SALE!

The changes take effect at 2 PM UTC+1.
PATCH NOTES (4/4/2018)

1. Event: Mamlambo Month (04.04.2018 - 09.05.2018):
a) No instance entry limits!
b) Mamlambo Currency - Mzintlava Coin. Exchangable at Fula Gula's (location: Ancient Hill of Ancestors);
2. Premium: NEW DEALS!
3. Misc: Minor fixes.

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PATCH NOTES (4/11/2018)

1. Skills: New skills!
2. Skills: Free skills reset and skill learning, through April 18.
3. Added: Road to Legend: Part 4.
4. RtL4: New hero - Lakshay Ahluwalia (mage 75). Look for it in Andarum Ilami.
5. RtL4 New reagents and recipes available at Indernal's and Albion's.
6. Premium: NEW SALE!

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PATCH NOTES (4/18/2018)

1. Change: Free skills reset and learning features have expired.
2. Fix: Piercing Terror II recipe has been fixed.
3. Fix: Mamlambo entry bug through Titan Fight quest has been fixed.
4. Premium: New SALE!
PATCH NOTES (4/20/2018)

1. Update: Elastic Items. Go to Robson in Ithan to start 'Elastic Heart' quest.

Please, treat Elastic Items update as public beta-testing. The Bag of Items at Umpok the Trader's will be free of charge (use the dialog to get it) and the elastic items will be deleted permanently after the weekend. Note that elastic items can be upgraded by Stone of Elasticity. To get one, you need to be active for at least an hour. The stones will be sent to you via mail half-past every hour, e.g 3:30 PM. Please, send us your feedback via the Support Panel.

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Lit Kol
PATCH NOTES (4/23/2018)

Elastic Items are NO LONGER available.

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1. Daily Hunt has been remade and expanded.
1.1. New mobs: Cula Joshua (60), Mola Nito (80), Toto Acirfa (100), Possessed Fissit (140), Soda (160), Hummopapa (200), Shponder (220), Mobile Jeecus (240).
1.2. Mob Level changes: Masked Blaise (40).
1.3. Mob Type changes: Masked Roman - elite 2 -> elite; Molybdenum Matityahu - hero -> elite.
1.4. Item statistics have been updated.
1.5. Item attack types have been changed.
1.6. New preview chest - Reforge Box has been added to Peeping Tom's store.

2. Twin Titans minievent.
2.1. New NPC: Devi the Great Master.
2.2. New location: Devi's Laboratory (accessible via Robson in Ithan).
2.3. New mobs: Cloned Virgin Eagle, Cloned Killer Rabbit, Cloned Baulus the Renegade, Cloned Infernal Archmage, Cloned Versus Zoons, Cloned Huntress of Remembrances, Cloned Demons Summoner, Cloned Maddok Magua, Cloned Tezcatlipoca.
2.4. New items: Twin Ticket.

3. Changes.
3.1. Fake Fox has been weakened.
3.2. Slight changes and improvements in Elite Fight quest.
3.3. Slight changes and improvements in Tutorial and Tutorial Retold quests.
3.4. Titan Fight (Mamlambo quest) has been removed.
3.5. Virgin Eagle has been weakened.

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PATCH NOTES (4/27/2018)

1. The bug with Road to Elite map has been fixed. You'll be able to complete Elite Fight quest now.
PATCH NOTES (5/9/2018)
Take effect at 2 PM UTC+1.

1. Events: 'Mamlambo Month' and 'Twin Titans' are over.
2. Change: Timers in Road to Legend: Part 1 quests have been significantly shortened.
3. Change: Goroth the Ithanese Guard Captain has been renamed to Goroth the Guard Captain.
4. Change: Enthralling Signet of Power has been updated.
5. Fix: Old Ruins -> Torneg passage has been repositioned to match the new map.
6. Fix: Quest logs in 'Witch's Errands.'
7. Fix: Mountain Mine mobs and several other NPCs have been repositioned to match their surroundings.
8. Fix: Soda's respawn point in Ruins of Tass Zhil has been moved to accessible coordinates.
9. Fix: Thief's respawn point in Rongo's House has been changed to remove collision problems.
10. Premium: NEW SALE!
11. Info: Fula Gula's Mamlambo Store will be available through May 16.
12. Change: 'Tutorial,' 'Elite Fight' and 'Hero Fight' quests have been rebalanced and improved.

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PATCH NOTES (5/16/2018)
Take effect at 2PM UTC+1.

1. New: 2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 5. Initial quest available at: Dim the Handyman (Ithan).
2. Fix: Rim's Multipurpose Machine's collision.
3. Fix: Wildcat Den invisible group bug.
4. Fix: Mutocla Pheromones recipe ingredient values.
5. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (5/22/2018)

1. Fix: Invalid duration of Supernatural Vitality of Foverk Tumim blessing.
PATCH NOTES (5/23/2018)
Take effect at 2 PM UTC+1.

1. Open Beta Event: Creative Challenge (May 23 - June 6).
Create items from essences dropped by well-known heroes: Ravengo, Cockero, Wolftano, Trono, Eaglento & Harentaro. You can buy the recipes at the Creators': Pim (Ithan), Quim (Karka-han), Wim (Mythar), Zim (Nithal). More information will be revealed after the event ends - June 6.
2. Fix: Invalid Thyme coordinates in Torneg.
3. Fix: Invalid Starthistle coordinates in Fields of Gold.
4. Fix: 'Scouting' quest tracking.
5. Fix: 'Success!' quest tracking.
6. Fix: Invalid Vedrant Crossroads pass coordinates in Grizzly Precipice.
7. Fix: Invalid Crate texture settings in Haunted Ravine (Road to Legend 5).
8. Premium: NEW SALE!

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PATCH NOTES (5/24/2018)
Take effect at 10 AM UTC+1.

Creative Challenge update.
1. Change: Harengo (20) has been replaced with Harentaro (290).
2. Change: Event Heroes loots are indestructible from now on.
3. New: Blacksmith No. 40 in Karka-han.
PATCH NOTES (5/29/2018)

1. Change: Silk Bow String is now stackable.
PATCH NOTES (5/30/2018)
Take effect at 2 PM UTC+1.

1. Change: Lich and related content have been refreshed.
2. Change: Night's Mistress sprite has been updated.
3. Change: Sprites of 'Stone by Stone' quest related NPCs have been updated.
4. Change: 'Goblins in Verbin' quest construction has been slightly modified.
5. Fix: 'Interbad's Books' quest tracking.
6. Fix: 'Dead Man's Shoes' quest reward.
7. Fix: 'There Can Be Only One' quest tracking.
8. Fix: 'Scouting' quest error.
9. Premium: NEW SALE!
10. Premium: Dragon Teleport Chest price has been reduced from 330 to 200.
New items have been added to Lich (e2).

[url=https://imgur.com/a/inGMCyG]1 unique, 6 heroic and 2 legendary items.[/url]

PATCH NOTES (6/6/2018)
Take effect today around 2PM UTC+1.

1. Event End: Creative Challenge.
2. Fix: 'Recipe: Transformation Powder' has been added to Daily Craft NPCs.
3. Fix: Wrong teleportation coordinates in Ancient Warriors (Stone Keep maps).
4. Change: Honor Points multiplayer has been doubled.
5. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (6/13/2018)
Take effect today around 2PM UTC+1.

1. New: Evil Goblin Vestibule map (can be accessed through Orcish Highland).
2. Change: 'Injured Leg' quest has been remade.
3. Change: Sturdy Maddok's loot has been updated.
4. Change: Maddoks mob levels.
Black Caiman: 221 -> 216
Drowsy Maddok: 228 -> 223
Maddok Shaman: 230 -> 224
Ponderous Maddok: 229 -> 224
River Alligator: 220 -> 215
Slothful Maddok: 224 -> 221
Sluggish Maddok: 226 -> 222
Mugger Crocodile: 223 -> 217
5. Fix: Invalid mob coordinates on Valley of Crawling Scream.
6. Fix: Invalid mob coordinates on Rotting Wetlands.
7. Fix: Invalid pass coordinates from Hidden Grotto - 2nd Level to Sunken Peak.
8. Premium: NEW OFFER - Dragon Boxes III (Chest of Female Dragon Oufits III and Chest of Male Dragon Outfits III).
9. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (6/19/2018)

[url=https://imgur.com/a/6OC8R14]Daredevil's Sweeper has been changed. [/url]
PATCH NOTES (6/20/2018)
Take effect around 2PM UTC+1.

1. New titan: Tanroth (level: 285, class: Warrior).
2. New map: Throne Room (you can access it via Obelisk in Frost Lords' Passage).
3. New legendary items: Tanroth's Ominous Hood, Tanroth's Hyperhelmet, Tanroth's Armored Helmet.
4. New heroic items: Tanroth's Ice Karabela, Sword of Agile Assassin, Force of Ice Crystals, Ice Bone Crusher, Cold Arrowhead, Launcher, Frost Orbit, Icicle Thrower, Noiseless Shoes, Tanroth's Protection, Dark Knight's Boots, Ice Lord Boots, Tanroth's Armored Protection, White Wolf Shield, Tanroth's Titan Gloves, Ice Touch of Mistyc, Light Gloves of Torturer, Tanroth's Emerald Heart, Tanroth's Sapphire Soul, Winter Cap of Traveler.
5. New unique items: Sword of Severe Mutilation, Arrows of Nagging Frost, Arrows of Penetrating Frost, Teleportation Scroll of Forest Dryads, Ice Remedy, Ice Refreshment, Touch of Severe Cold, Ice Fury, Ice Bluff, Cold Apogee, Set's Teleportation Scroll.
6. New E2 Mobs: Artenius (level: 300, class: Mage), Furion (level: 300, class: Hunter), Zorin (level 300, class: Blade Dancer).
7. New quests: 'Don't Call Me Pichi Polo!' and 'Come to Papa!' (available at: Pichi Tapil in Ruins of Tass Zhil). The quests allow you to get Key to Berserkers' Storehouse and Key to the Crypt of Sleepless.
8. New items: Golden Worm, Bag of Ogre Dust, Bag of Bone Meal, Energy Chestnut.
9. Fix: Rotgot Megacus names on Evil Goblin Vestibule map.
10. Fix: Visibility problems with Armoured Maddok on Lizard Pass - 3rd Level - 3rd Chamber map.
11. Fix: Invalid coordinates of Brown Arterium on Grotto of Craze - 2nd Level map.
12. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (6/20/2018) - 2

1. New NPC: Kabulino (Kai Floodplains).
2. New item: Fragmented Teleportation Stone - Frost Lords' Passage (available at: Kabulino).
PATCH NOTES (6/27/2018)
Take effect around 2 PM UTC+1.

Ghost Update 2: History of Palumpa Pumpa

1. New quests: History of Palumpa Pumpa (available at: Bottles in Gnoll Settlement).
2. New quest items: Diary Page 1, Diary Page 125, Diary Page 158, Diary Page 417, Diary Page 424, Diary of Palumpa Pumpa, Phial of Karin's Blood, Seal of Palumpa Pumpa.
3. New special items: Unidentified Gloves, Unindentified Hood, Unindentified Shield, Unindentified Wand, Ectoplasm Fragment, Lesser Ectoplasm, Ectoplasm, Superior Ectoplasm.
4. New functionality: Item Identification (available at: Gverkos the Materialist in Theologians Guild).

Get unidentified items and ectoplasm from Palumpa Pumpa's (E2) loot. Then, go to Gverkos and let him unleash his magic skills! The better ectoplasm you have, the better items you get. The good guy Gverkos will also exchange your already identified items for Ectoplasm Fragments which can be traded at his store.

Possible identification outcomes:
Unidentified Gloves

Unique: Palumpa's Gloves I - Mark 1 - Brute Force, Palumpa's Gloves I - Mark 1 - Magic Touch, Palumpa's Gloves I - Mark 2 - Brute Force, Palumpa's Gloves I - Mark 2 - Magic Touch, Palumpa's Gloves I - Mark 3 - Brute Force.

Heroic: Palumpa's Gloves II - Mark 1, Palumpa's Gloves II - Mark 2, Palumpa's Gloves II - Mark 3, Palumpa's Gloves II - Mark 4.

Legendary: Palumpa's Gloves III - Mark 1, Palumpa's Gloves III - Mark 2, Palumpa's Gloves III - Mark 3.

Unidentified Hood

Unique: Palumpa's Hood I - Mark 1, Palumpa's Hood I - Mark 2, Palumpa's Hood I - Mark 3, Palumpa's Hood I - Mark 4, Palumpa's Hood I - Mark 5.

Heroic: Palumpa's Hood II - Mark 1, Palumpa's Hood II - Mark 2, Palumpa's Hood II - Mark 3, Palumpa's Hood II - Mark 4.

Legendary: Palumpa's Hood III - Mark 1 - Brute Force, Palumpa's Hood III - Mark 1 - Magic Touch, Palumpa's Hood III - Mark 2 - Brute Force.

Unidentified Shield

Unique: Palumpa's Shield I - Mark 1, Palumpa's Shield I - Mark 2, Palumpa's Shield I - Mark 3, Palumpa's Shield I - Mark 4, Palumpa's Shield I - Mark 5.

Heroic: Palumpa's Shield II - Mark 1, Palumpa's Shield II - Mark 2, Palumpa's Shield II - Mark 3, Palumpa's Shield II - Mark 4.

Legendary: Palumpa's Shield III - Mark 1, Palumpa's Shield III - Mark 2, Palumpa's Shield III - Mark 3.

Unidentified Wand

Unique: Palumpa's Wand I - Mark 1, Palumpa's Wand I - Mark 2, Palumpa's Wand I - Mark 3, Palumpa's Wand I - Mark 4, Palumpa's Wand I - Mark 5.

Heroic: Palumpa's Wand II - Mark 1, Palumpa's Wand II - Mark 2, Palumpa's Wand II - Mark 3, Palumpa's Wand II - Mark 4.

Legendary: Palumpa's Wand III - Mark 1, Palumpa's Wand III - Mark 2, Palumpa's Wand III - Mark 3.

4. Map update: Mythar and related maps.
You may experience collision bugs and absence of certain static objects. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. We promise to fix it all as soon as possible.

5. New E2: Iron Shocker (class: Ghost, level: 99).
6. New unique items: Rogue Shutter (101), Paralyzing Projectiles (101), Neat Bandit Arrowheads (101), Plundered Blazing Crystal (101), Bow of Glaring Thought (100) Frost of Broken Heart (100), Bitterness of Painful Memories (100), Light Bow Limb of Traveler (100), Speleologist Gloves (95).
7. New heroic items: Contaminated Bandit Dagger (101), Sorrow of Broken Heart (100), Hard Armor of Mighty Man (100), Fists of Steel (100), Hood of Secretive Assassin (100), Greenish Gloves of Shooter (100), Comfortable Gloves of Wizard (100)
8. New legendary items: Queen's Battle Visor (118), Posh Slippers of Mother-in-Law (112), Shepherd's Boots (111), Mask of Frenzied Widow (100).
7. Change: Artenius and Furion have been strengthened.
8. Change: Mamlambo attack has been weakened.
9. Change: Anurak Croaker loot is indestructible now.
10. Fix: Tanroth respawn bug.
11. Fix: Strugcut Moustachioed level in Dragon Rockfoil.
12. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (6/28/2018)

1. Fix: Invalid coordinates of Crimson Avenger in Shadow Forest.
2. Change: Brast's shop has been removed.
3. New: Entry to Iron Shocker - Devi's Pot (Grotto of Lonesome Souls - 6th Level).
4. New item: Experimental Teleportation Stone (can be crafted at: Devi's Pot).
PATCH NOTES (7/1/2018)

1. Fix: Dragon Mountains entry has been added to the new Mythar.
2. Fix: Invalid coordinates in items teleporting to Mythar.
PATCH NOTES (7/4/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+1.

Ithan Stories Update

1. New quests (levels 10-25): Need for Prehnite (starts at: Gate Guard in Ithan), Get Me My Book! (starts at: Umpok the Trader in Ithan), Cool as Coal (starts at: Cleo the Herbalist in Ithan).
2. New daily quests (required level: 10): Hungry (starts at: Homeless Joseph in Ithan), Urban Gardener (starts at: Chemkin the Mayor in Ithan Town Hall - 1st Floor).
3. Update: Death's Notch related maps (Stone Keep, Grotto of Lonesome Souls, Boneweaver's Tent).
4. Update: Mythar static objects.
5. Mob buff: Furion, Artenius - +10% of Attack Speed.
6. Fix: Old Mythar remains have been deleted.
7. Fix: Tanroth respawn bug.
8. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (7/6/2018)

1. Fix: Bow of Swamps level has been set to 226.
2. Fix: Tollok Teleportation Scroll teleporting coordinates.
3. Fix: Item Identification Ectoplasm bug.
4. Fix: Crystal Handle and Bow String capacities have been set to 1 to remove the crafting error.
5. Removed: Bugged identified items.
PATCH NOTES (7/11/2018)

1. Fix: Invalid mob coordinates on Shadow Forest and Forest of Wonders maps.
2. Fix: Invalid respawn coordinates of Crimson Avenger.
3. Mob stats change: Furion (HP: 317568, AS: 15.72), Artenius (HP: 314667, AS: 16.53).
4. New NPC: Lit's Book of Spells (Ithan).

Lit's Great Book of Spells will allow you to exchange Magic Spider Brewing for various items, including outfits and blessings. More information soon.
PATCH NOTES (7/18/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+1.

1. Update: Maddok Karmea and Slime Signet of Guard profession requirements have been updated (PM and TH respectively).
2. Change: Quest entry levels for 'Don't Call Me Pichi Polo!' and 'Come to Papa!' have been set to 170 and 130 respectively.
3. Change: Item Identification chances have been adjusted to the types of ectoplasms. You should notice a significant difference in terms of heroic and legendary identifications.
4. Mob buff: Zorin (+15% HP), Artenius (AS=25), Furion (AS=21).
5. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (7/25/2018)
Take effect today around 1 PM UTC+1.

1. Fix: Invalid mob coordinates on Sinister Marshes and Forest of Wonders maps.
2. Fix: Tree element bug on Mulu Hamlet map.
3. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (8/8/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+1.

2018 August Surprise Update

1. Event: 2018 August Surprise launch.
2. Event: New blessings available for free at Umpok's: Sunny Explorer, Hot Opportunist & Sweaty Gains.
3. Event: Beta Auctions (first wave: 8/10/2018 10AM UTC+1 - 8/11/2018 3PM UTC+1; second wave: 8/11/2018 5PM UTC+1 - 8/12/2018 5PM UTC+1).
4. Skills: Changes and updates (detailed changelog will be released soon).
5. Fix: Collision and position bugs on Hidden Grotto - 1st/2nd Level maps.
6. Fix: Light Hauberk of Ugrap-in-chief empty level bug.
7. Fix: Marlloth Chopper invalid stats.
8. Mob nerf: Tanroth (HP -10%), Artenius (SA=21).
9. Mob buff: Zorin (HP +10%).
10. Skills: Free skills reset at Umpok the Trader's.
11. Premium: NEW SALE!

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PATCH NOTES (8/15/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+1.

2018 August Surprise 2 (Holiday Event)

1. Event Heroes: Hideous Eyehead (60W), Venomous Fright (110W), Bloodthirsty Snakeness (160W), Fist Crusher (210W).
2. Event Colossi: Vuuron (40BD), Bishatos (90H), Maaroas (140W), Vaduhos (190H), Galtsor (240BD). Accessed via Robson (Ithan).
3. Event Instance Colossi: Vuuron Mut. 1-3 (40BD), Bishatos Mut. 1-3 (90H), Maaroas Mut. 1-3 (140W), Vaduhos Mut. 1-3 (190H), Galtsor Mut. 1-3 (240BD). Accessed via Devi the Great Master (Devi's Laboratory - teleport through Robson).
4. Event store: Devi's Machine (Devi's Laboratory).
5. Event daily quest: DICEBS Clean-up (starts at: Devi's Machine).
6. New: Vast amount of items.
7. Skills: Free skills reset has been turned off.
8. Fix: Entangled Eulogist's Boots level has been set to 214.
9. Fix: Invalid Sluggish Maddok levels (226) on Rotting Wetlands and Mud Grotto - 2nd Level maps have been set to 222.
10. Premium: NEW OFFER!
11. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (8/17/2018)

1. Fix: Venomous Fright (110W) invalid respawn coordinates.
2. Update: New recipes at Jerry the Leatherworker's - Tentacles Thrower, Cold Squid Tentacles, Electric Squid.
3. Update: Tanroth respawn has been increased to 18h.
PATCH NOTES (8/22/2018)
Take effect today around 2PM UTC+1.

1. Change: Hideous Eyehead respawns.
2. Nerf: 2018 August Surprise 2 Colossi parameters.
3. Fix: Road to Legend quest journal entries.
4. New: Box of Blessings (Umpok the Trader).
5. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (8/29/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 6

1. New recipes: Tier III Upgrades (available at: Nervous Mack - Eder, Nervous Adrien - Ithan, Nervous Dick - Torneg, Nervous Mikel - Karka-han, Nervous Eric - Verbin, Nervous Neil - Thuzal).
2. New items: Azure Crystal Shovel (Aoife the High Priestess), Distilled Water (Frank the Bum), Red/Yellow/Blue Magic Sand (resources), Magic Clay (Albion the High Priest), Empty Magic Core (Mage/Hunter/Blade Dancer/Warrior/Paladin/Tracker) [Albion the High Priest], Pure Energy (Albion the High Priest).
3. New resources: Red/Yellow/Blue Magic Sand.
4. New functionality: Albion the High Priest's Item Breaking (the NPC is located in Pass of Sanguine Messenger). Breakable items: Red/Yellow/Blue Magic Sand, Magic Clay, Light Strike II, Albion's Bow II, Demigorgon's Dodge II, Energy Hit II, Critical Blockade II, Piercing Terror II.
5. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (9/5/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

1. Fix: Graphic errors in some NPCs.
2. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (9/12/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

1. Event: 2018 August Surprise is over.
2. E2 Nerfs: Temple's Gravedigger, Piper the Village Elder, Fodug Zolash, Goons Asterus, Adariel, Clan Lord Spirit, Okryst the Steel Claw, Chrysophrenia, Torunia Ankelwald, Breheret the Iron Head, Sadolia the Houri Mistress & Arachniregina Colosseus.
3. New Colossus: Regulus the Cloudyeye (lvl 63).
4. New maps: Madmen Cavern - Vestibule, Madmen Cavern - Chamber of Regulus the Cloudyeye.
5. New items: Regulus related items.
6. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (9/19/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

1. Mini Event: 2018 September Hit will last through September 26.
2. Mini Event quest: 'Sky Sky Baby!' (available at: Lit's Book of Spells in Ithan).
3. Mini Event store: Lit's Book of Spells (currency: Sky People Sapphire).
4. Fix: Virgin Eagle and Rauber's Mother-in-Law loots.
5. Update: Grauhaz the Usurer and Persian Prince respawns and associated items.
6. Update: Virgin Eagle new skills and items, level advantage removal.
7. Nerf: Vaenra Charkhaam (AS -15%, Frost Resistance -25).
8. Event Auctions: Coming September 28 - through September 30. More info soon!
9. Premium: NEW SALE!
PATCH NOTES (9/26/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 7

1. New quests: Disenchantment Part 1-7 (starts at: Rim the Explorer - Ithan Town Hall - 2nd Floor).
2. New items: 14 quest items (names hidden not to spoil the RTL7 story).

3. Map changes: Godforsaken Catacombs, Godforsaken Catacombs - 1st Chamber, Godforsaken Catacombs - 2nd Chamber, Chambers of Soulless - 1st Chamber, Chambers of Soulless - 2nd Chamber, Revealed Crypt of Assassins, Catacombs of Violent Death have been marked as red maps.
4. Fix: Tanroth respawn time.
5. Fix: Wide Swing skill.
6. Fix: 'Don't Call Me Pichi Polo!' and 'Come to Papa!' level issues.
7. Update: 'Sales' tab allows to buy items separately now.
8. Event Auctions: Start: September 28 at 2 PM UTC+2. End: October 1 at 10 AM UTC+2.
9. Premium: NEW SALES!

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PATCH NOTES (9/28/2018)
Take effect around 10 AM UTC+2.

Event Auctions of 2018

START: September 28, 7 PM UTC+2.
END: September 30, 9 PM UTC+2. October 1, 10 AM UTC+2.

1. Fix: Wide Swing and Shocking Arrow skills.
2. Fix: Regulus the Cloudyeye loot.
3. Change: Virgin Eagle has been renamed Virgin Eagless.

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PATCH NOTES (10/3/2018)

1. New quests: 'Up-Front Payment' (starts at: André Haletant in Karka-han), 'Paratocipton '(starts at: Robson in Ithan).
2. New feature: Additional Regulus entry via Robson in Ithan (required item: Paratocipton).
3. Fix: Virgin Eagless skill typo.
4. Premium: New Dragon Chests.
5. Premium: NEW SALES!

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PATCH NOTES (10/4/2018)

1. Update: 'Sales' tab allows to buy items separately now.
PATCH NOTES (10/9/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

1. New tutorial quests: 'A Day to Remember,' 'Grandpa's Advice,' 'Entry to the Shrine,' 'A Mage/Paladin/Hunter/Warrior/Blade Dancer/Tracker's Journey,' 'The Sacred Orchard Part 1-2.'
2. New location: Vagabondi (exclusive to levels: 260-300). It can be accessed via the Planar Order (requirement: completion of 'The Land of Opportunity').
3. New quests: The Land of Opportunity (available at: Robson in Ithan), One Hungry Cat (avaiable daily at: Ciri the Cat in Vagabondi).
4. Skills: Tactical Hit fixes.
5. Skills: Free skills reset through October 17 (available at: Umpok the Trader).
6. Update: Killer Rabbit skills and items.
7. Premium: NEW SALES!

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PATCH NOTES (10/15/2018)

1. Fix: Pop-up HTML formatting.
PATCH NOTES (10/17/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 8

1. RTL8: New recipes available at Nervous Men.
2. Event Auctions: Missing auctions will last from October 19 (7PM) through October 21 (9PM).
3. Fix: Bugged pop-up in the tutorial.
4. New items: Party Recall Scrolls (available at: Umpok the Trader & Premium Tab).
5. Skills: Free reset is over.
6. Premium: NEW SALES!
PATCH NOTES (10/24/2018)
Take effect today around 2 PM UTC+2.

1. New Colossus: Umibozu.
2. New items: Umibozu related.
3. New maps: Marshy Lair - Vestibule (accessed via: Cane - Fisheye Bog), Marshy Lair of Umibozu.
4. Update: Paratocipton allows to reset Umibozu trial now.
5. Update: Dong Zhen Hao the Trader's shop in Vagabondi offers new blessings.
6. Premium: NEW SALES!
PATCH NOTES (10/31/2018)
Takes effect around 2 PM UTC+2.

2018 Halloween Event

1. Event Colossi: Skelaure (lvl 255, mage), Reptilian Bane (lvl 275, hunter). You can enter the trial maps via Jennifer the Witch (Verbin). You may reset the trials at: Robson (Ithan), Robson's Hologram (Vagabondi) using Halloween Ticket, which can be bought at Dong Zhen Hao the Trader's shop in Vagabondi or on an event auction.
2. Event Heroes: Skeletal Horror (lvl 35, mage), Skeletal Terror (lvl 73, mage), Skeletal Dread (lvl 112, mage), Skeletal Fright (lvl 195, mage).
3. Event Shops: Edgar the Trader, Allan the Trader, Poe the Trader. All shops are located in Thuzal.
4. Event Daily Quests: Halloween Slayer series: Skeletal Horror/Terror/Dread/Fright - available at Mysterious Migrant in Thuzal; Hallowen Slaughter series - Skelaure/Reptilian Bane - available at Jennifer the Witch in Verbin.
5. Event Quests: Unfair Usurer series - starts at Falica in Thuzal.
6. Event Auctions: Start - End.
7. New items: Dozens of new items have been added to Event Titan/Hero/Box loots + new craftable legendary armors (recipes available at Umpok's).
8. New quest: Reforging I (Umpok the Trader, Ithan). This quest allows you to reforge legendary equipment items (levels: 30-57) into Essence of Sacrifice, which is one of the components of the new legendary armor crafting process. The next tiers will be added in the nearest future.
9. Update: Number of locations have been refreshed to make you feel Halloween better.
10. Premium: NEW SALES!

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PATCH NOTES (11/2/2018)
Takes effect around 10 AM UTC+1.

2018 Halloween Event - HOTFIX

1. Fix: Fretar Mine - 1st Chamber entry in Verbin.
2. Fix: Skeletal Horror respawn coordinates.
3. Fix: Grauhaz the Usurer dialog.
4. Change: Halloween Collector Box level: 123 -> 35.
5. Change: Legendary Item Recipes will require now 8 legendary essences, 20 heroic essences and 32 unique essences to craft items. It has been changed to maintain the essences value.
6. Change: 'Trick or Treat' quest entry level has been changed to 240.
7. Change: Robson will require two Halloween Tickets to reset the event trials now. It has been changed to stop Halloween Ticket inflation.
8. Change: Halloween Slayer level gates.
PATCH NOTES (11/7/2018)

1. Hallowen quests: Unfair Usurer Part 2 (starts at: Drovin in Thuzal).
2. New items: Devil's Grip, Paws of Real Anomalies.
3. Update: Skeletal Heroes respawn locations.
4. Update: Grauhaz the Usurer (titan) respawn locations.
5. Update: Adella's store equipment.
6. Update: Lit's Book of Spells is active!
7. Fix: Yggdrasil Roots recipe.
8. Fix: Items below level 100 have been removed from Halloween Colossi loots.
9. Fix: Billy the Drunkard respawn locations.
10. Removed: Zim the Creator.
11. Premium: NEW SALES!