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Stand in the training room of warriors, their mighty domain
Feel the cold of marble walls in paladins' sanctuary
Feel the magic filling the air in mages' tower
Trackers' seat is a place of serenity where people and animals live alongside
Enter the hunter's cave with walls covered in animals furs and magnificent antlers
See only flashes of blades in the sinister dark of the blade dancers' abode


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PATCH NOTES (November 23th, 2022)

Town Crier in Ithan - The screamer in town began to announce his news much louder...

Rotation update
Faded Gold Mask will drop legendary necklaces!

Premium Store
Check out new sale!
-- Casidias, 23.11.2022
Game Development: Patch Notes
Sugar Plum:

Closing the forum will not make life difficult for us.
Future guides will be created with the help of testers and the community, but we believe that the way we want to serve them will be much better than the forum.
-- Casidias, 17.11.2022
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