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Trackers' seat is a place of serenity where people and animals live alongside
Enter the hunter's cave with walls covered in animals furs and magnificent antlers
See only flashes of blades in the sinister dark of the blade dancers' abode


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Today's update: New items and quests, a few updates, NEW PREMIUM ITEMS, and more!
-- Robson, 08.07.2020
Tutorials and Guides: Technical blog
PATCH NOTES (7/8/2020)

Redrock Update 2

1. New daily quest: Payday (starts at: Cassidy Porter the Teller, Redrock Bank). Prerequisite: level 50.
2. New quest: 'Blazing Row' (starts at: Bill, Redrock). Prerequisite: 'Explosives' quest, level 25.
3. New quest: 'Jasper' (starts at: Jasper, Redrock). Prerequisite: 'Blazing Row' quest, level 25.
4. New quest: 'Lost in Spacetime' (starts at: Jasper, Redrock). Prerequisite: 'Time Keeping' quest, level 25.
5. New quest: 'Time Keeping' (starts at: Sheriff Cooper Milton, Sheriff's Office, Redrock). Prerequisite: 'Jasper' quest, level 25.
6. Update: Gold Mask Evo I loot has been switched to Necklaces.
7. Update: Hero Coins have been added to Walking Sam's loot pool.
8. Update: New items have been added to Jasper's store.
9. Update: Nicked Coins have been added to Walking Sam's loot pool.
10. Update: Pure Copper Bars have been added to Deserted Cave and Ant Colony locations.
11. Update: Pure Iron Bars have been added to Deserted Cave and Ant Colony locations.
12. Update: Rewards from Walking Sam box has been added to Cantharellus's barter exchange.
13. Update: Some Redrock NPCs' dialogues have been extended or rewritten.
14. Change: Number of required Crystals in Frosty Armors exchange has been lowered to 2.
15. Fix: Mushroom Exchange prices have been corrected.
16. Premium: NEW ITEMS!
17. Premium: NEW SALES!

Available since: July 8, 2020 4 PM UTC+1.
-- Robson, 08.07.2020
Game Development: Patch Notes
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