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Stand in the training room of warriors, their mighty domain
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Feel the magic filling the air in mages' tower
Trackers' seat is a place of serenity where people and animals live alongside
Enter the hunter's cave with walls covered in animals furs and magnificent antlers
See only flashes of blades in the sinister dark of the blade dancers' abode


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Hello Adventurers!

In today's update, we present a feature you've asked for more than once - visit Mygaard Island to exchange Legendary armor!

-- Hetatir, 17.05.2022
News: Legendary Armor Exchange!
PATCH NOTES (May 17th, 2022)


[FIX] Fixed names, rarity and statistics of various items
[FIX] The Altar of the Spider Queen got lvl again, thanks to which items will not be destroyed when you try to get them
[FIX] Added missing collisions in location "Placid Pass"

Other news

Los Muertos Hotel -
The hotel in Los Males has been closed for renovation. We will try to make it return as soon as possible

Grand Auctions Event - The auction starts this Friday! Details about the event can be found HERE

Legendary Armor Exchange - You created a legendary armor, but changed your mind and would like to get another one? Or maybe you've changed your profession and don't want to collect all the ingredients from scratch? No problem from now on! Visit Mygaard Island, where Sven brothers and Torvald will help you make the exchange!

Rotation update

Gold Mask Evo will drop necklaces!

Premium Store

Check out new sale!
-- Hetatir, 17.05.2022
Game Development: Patch Notes
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