Subject: Christmas (2023) - Sugarville
In the air, you can already smell the scent of spices and sweet oranges... Some people's mouths water, while others are overcome by the excitement of holiday shopping fever. Everyone is getting ready for the upcoming Christmas. Even Santa himself has his own plans, although Mrs. Claus doesn't share them... But what's this... Why have Santa's elves changed beyond recognition? What makes the snow sticky, even though there are no thaws yet?! Something is brewing, but will it be good news? Or perhaps behind the image of a sweet and overly sweetened community, there is a hidden agenda? Don't wait any longer and go find out!

It's time to start the Christmas event! Here are some important details:

Requirements: Level 25
Event End: 11:00 GMT+1, January 10, 2024
Shop Availability after the Event: One of the Sugarville residents will be available in Karka-han until the morning of January 17, 2024 (GMT +1)
Entrance: Sweet Frenzy CORP Balloon in Karka-han (56,29)
Exit: Sweet Frenzy CORP Balloon in Sugarville on the factory rooftop (49,21)

⚔ Heroes:
• Number of heroes: five, at levels: 40, 85, 157, 210, 300.
• Availability: without level restrictions.
• Rewards: unique items useful in general gameplay.
⚔ Elite III:
• Access: Chad the Elf in the Trading Post (25,23).
• Required level: level 40.
• Difficulty levels: three.
• Battles: only once at each difficulty level. Defeatable once a day.
• Instance reset: Candy Canes item available from quests and attractions in event locations.
• Rewards: items useful in combat, crafting, and general gameplay.

Quests and Attractions:
• Quest types: narrative
• Number of quests: 6
• First narrative quest: Teacher Jareny in Sugarville (35,65) (available from December 3, 2023)
• Subsequent narrative quest: Mrs. Claus in the Shantytown (56,29)
• Requirements: Level 25
• Rewards: event currency, optional experience, event gifts.
• Guaranteed currency amount for quests: 55
• Additional currency: can be obtained from event attractions.
• Attractions: We will inform you about their addition.

Lottery and Event Shops:
• Lottery availability: Yanna's shop in the Trading Post in Sugarville (16,21).
• Costume availability: Eve's shop in the Trading Post in Sugarville (25,8).
• Pet exchange: barter at Yanna's.
• Outfits exchange: barter at Eve's
• Exchange of items from the lottery: Nestor on the upper floor of the barracks in Ithan.
• Coupon exchanges: dwarves at the Dwarven Warehouse in Verbin.
• Other shop offerings: unique baubles for dedicated coupons (Anaruk is still waiting for delivery!), items for event currency, icy weapons for gold, and more!

We also remind you to open the Advent calendar daily so you don't miss your chance to get a special gift hidden in the last window!
Sugarville harbors many secrets, but to uncover one of them, you will need to move like shadows - the fourth storyline quest has been unlocked, go to Mrs. Claus who will assign it to you.
Anaruk finally received a delivery of colorful ornaments, which will allow you to teleport to unique places.
In the world of Margonem, snow has started to fall. I wonder how quickly the cities will be covered in white fluff.
In Sugarville, the moment of revolution has come! Go to Mrs. Claus and start the penultimate storyline quest. To the barricades!
I did all the tasks and I have 40 currency, but it was supposed to be 55?
In Sugarville, peace has finally come after a great storm. Head to Bernie Abbreton, located near the town center - supposedly, he has a message for you.
When's the new event?