Subject: Halloween (2023) - Town of Deadlow
The Ederian market has never been enchanting, but the pumpkin decorations even add charm to it. October evenings may not be the warmest, but that's just an excuse for those who prefer sitting by the fire instead of getting to work! Given the City of Thieves' bad reputation, nobody is surprised to find a corpse lying under the terrace of the Grim Skull Tavern, right in the heart of Eder... Is it just a decoration for the upcoming Halloween?

Halloween is here! Here are some important details:

- This event is dedicated to characters with a minimum of 25 levels of experience and will run from today (October 30, 2023) until the early morning hours of November 20, 2023 (GMT +1). One of the residents of the town of Deadlow will embark on a journey to Karka-han and will explore the city until the early morning hours of November 27, 2023.
- You can access the event map with the help of the Deadman, whom you will find in Eder (39,62). However, if you wish to return to our realm, you can do so using the "Road to a Better Place" signpost, which you will find in the town of Deadlow (5,84).
- On the paths of Margonem, you will encounter four heroes with levels 60, 140, 240, and 275, respectively.
- An elite III rank monster has been introduced in this event. If you're not afraid to face powerful enemies, be sure to talk to Commander Henry in Deadlow (17,79). Detailed information about this attraction can be found in the next part of the post.
- Event quests will be available on Monday, November 6, 2023. You will have the option to choose rewards with or without experience points, and you will be asked to make this choice at the appropriate moment during the tasks.
- From the story quests and the event calendar, you can earn a total of 30 event currency items. Additionally, there is an extra option on the event map that allows you to earn more!
- In the event location, you will find several additional attractions that will appear as the event progresses. Will you help the residents get rid of rotten pumpkins? Or do you aspire to be the grower of the largest pumpkin? Don't wait and check it out for yourself!
- You can modify outfits from this event with Anna and pets with Vanessa in the town of Deadlow.
- With the start of the event, the event calendar has also launched, allowing you to receive event currency daily.

Information about the elite III event:

⚔ This attraction consists of individual battles with an elite III rank monster that take place every day.
⚔ Access to the event elite is granted by Commander Henry, whom you will find in the town of Deadlow (17,79).
⚔ Each character can only face the event elite once per day.
⚔ The attraction has three difficulty levels, with increased chances for better item types.
⚔ If you lose to the elite on a particular level during the day, you can try again on a different level where you haven't yet attempted the challenge.
⚔ We recommend starting with the highest level, as in case of failure, you can try to fight a weaker monster.
⚔ It is possible to reset the instance with the event elite, but you will need the Moldy Pumpkin Seeds item, which can be obtained from some event tasks or attractions in the event location.
⚔ You can obtain unique items from the event elite that are useful in combat, crafting, and gameplay in general.
⚔ To avoid automatic combat, make sure you have the option "When monster attacks, allow to choose combat mode" selected in your configuration.

Good luck and have fun!
i appreciate it lets get it poppin
Indomitable Nathan in town of Deadlow sells outfits for draconites - legendary Dracula and legendary Reaper looks same (both reaper), while heroic Dracula looks like dracula. probably mistake