Subject: Holidays (2023) - Ahiko Island
This evening was unremarkable... A light breeze blew through the window, tossing the fabrics around and knocking them off balance. It would seem that it was a day like any other, monotonous, repetitive ... But suddenly the light turned blood red, like a sunset when blood was shed on the sea. Immediately after that, almost in the blink of an eye, the ground trembled, and with it came a mighty thunder, deafening those looking at this strange phenomenon. Children from Tuzmer immediately set off in search of answers, or maybe just an opportunity to play again? But for several hours they are nowhere to be seen...
As soon as the residents began to gather, the guards immediately reacted and sealed off the entire area. What happened in this port city? Some kind of rumors have begun to circulate in taverns and privateer ships. Do you dare to investigate this case?

Details of the event:
• The event is dedicated to characters with a minimum level of 25 and will last from today (August 9, 2023) until the morning hours of September 20, 2023 (UTC+1). Then some of the inhabitants of Ahiko Island will travel to Karka-han and will visit this city until the morning hours of September 27, 2023 (UTC+1).
• The destroyed fountain in Tuzmer (39,17) will allow you to reach the event map. However, if you want to return to our land, search for the red crystal that you will find on the Ahiko Island (28,61).
• For the duration of the event, the Planar Order will provide free teleportation to Tuzmer.
• During the event, you can face seven colossi and titans with levels: 30, 70, 110, 150, 190, 230, 270. You will find them in secret chambers at the bottom of the crater on the Ahiko Island (14,2).
• You will be able to decide whether you want to fight a titan or a colossus in the vestibule in front of the room with the monster.
• If you manage to assemble a team to fight these giants and you are not satisfied with the loot, you can exchange the items in the holes in the wall located in the vestibule of the colossus chambers for Astral Stones that will allow you to lure the colossus back to its lair.
• Event collosi come in three difficulty levels, the tougher the battle, the higher the chance for valuable loot.
• On the trails of Margonem, you will be able to meet three heroes with successive levels: 50, 130, 255. Where to find them? Check your portable map!
• New event quests will appear every few days and we will inform you when they become available! You can start the first story quest with the old man Telsar, who is in Tuzmer (34,19).
• It is possible to receive rewards with or without experience points, and you will be asked to choose them at the right moment of the quest - experience points are distributed in the form of an appropriate item that will give you the right amount of experience.
• A total of 55 pieces of event currency will be available from the story quests and the calendar. There is also an additional possibilities on the event map that allows you to get more!
• In the event location, you will be able to find a few small engagements that will make your time there more pleasant. Some may require numerous fights, others perseverance in collecting. New attractions, as well as quests, will be made available every few days!
• The lottery is available in the form of chests, from the Morris' store, which you can find on Ahiko Island (36,52).
• Lottery items can be exchanged for gold nuggets at Nestors, located in Barracks - 2nd Floor in Ithan.
• As a reminder, Odo, Giorgio, Levente and Kiro can be found in Verbin in the Dwarven Warehouse.
• Outfits from this event can be customized with Andresas and pets with Morris of Ahiko Island.
• With the start of the event, the event calendar has been launched, which will allow you to collect the event currency. What's more, on selected days you will be able to get chests containing special treasures. On the other hand, people who open all the windows before opening the last one can count on a unique prize!

Good luck and have fun!
Super !
Mega event!!

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kozak evencik, Best Regards
Mystery of Ahiko Island
: Bard Kimdinsin asked you to help him find wood to repair his lute. Look around the island for the right material.
So from 2 weeks my quest is bugged, i cannot go to three or bush, because its says nothing:
"[ A large, sprawling tree rises straight, towering over the surrounding vegetation. ]"
palm tree [ As you approach the edge of the cliff, you witness a magnificent view. Looking down, you see the entire Shipwreck Beach, and the palm trees from this perspective appear small, with their leaves and coconuts so close that you feel like you could reach out and pluck them. ]

1. [ Picking a leaf or coconut could lead to a fall. It's better not to take any risks. ]

and the bush

[ Thick bushes completely cover the path. There are many flowers and leaves growing on them. After observing them for a while, you also notice thorns. ]

1. [ Walk away, not risking being stung. ]


Find tree located in [24,30] :)