Subject: Easter Event - 2023 - Return to Redrock
Sore throat and not a drop of water for a week... The residents of desert areas have a tough life. However, going down to the mines can provide some relief and a chance to recover. But it's temporary, who ever heard of working two shifts! Toiling in the mine during the day, and laying iron tracks across the middle of the desert at night. This is the last stretch, the last one... Soon, a great machine billowing gray smoke will arrive in our Redrock! Let me tell you, it's something else, son! It won't be long now...

Details of the event:

• The event is dedicated to characters with a minimum level of experience of 25 and will last from today until the morning of April 26, 2023. On that day, access to quests, reward calendars, heroes, and special shops will be blocked.
• To get to the event map, you can use the Planar Order - during the event, teleporting to Redrock will be free!
• On the paths of Margonem, you will be able to encounter five heroes with levels of 70, 113, 167, 200, and 230.
• This year's Easter event features a new attraction that anyone with a minimum level of experience of 40 can participate in. If you're not afraid to face strong monsters, be sure to talk to Quick Rachel in Redrock (29,38). You'll find detailed information about this attraction in the next part of the post.
• During the event, you will be able to complete four short specially prepared quests - the first two will be available at the start of the event, while the remaining two will be available a week later, on April 12, 2023.
• The first quest will start automatically when you approach the center of Redrock.
• This time, it will be possible to receive rewards for quests with experience points and without them - for experienced travelers, it won't make much of a difference, but beginner adventurers can receive a really nice boost.
• A total of 25 pieces of event currency can be obtained from storyline quests and the reward calendar. However...
• ...Skittish Vultures have appeared on the Redrock and Red Trail territories. Scaring them away will guarantee the acquisition of a unique outfit element, and after collecting all six, there will be an opportunity to exchange them with Pearl (19,39). But not only outfit elements can be obtained from the vultures, so fend them off carefully!
• During the event, you will be able to get special eggs - they will allow you to fight the colossus again. To use it, talk to Robson in Ithan or his hologram in front of the colossus' lair.
• The lottery is available in the form of chests from Elijah's shop, which you will find in Redrock (24,37).
• We remind you that Odo, Giorgio, Levente, and Kiro can be found in Verbin in the Dwarven Warehouse.
• You can modify the outfits from this event with Pearl in Redrock, and the mascots with Elijah.
• The event calendar started with the beginning of the event, allowing you to receive event currency daily - and sometimes even more on some days!

Information about the event attraction:
⚔ The attraction consists of individual battles with an Elite III-ranked monster that take place every day.
⚔ Access to the event elite is enabled by Quick Rachel, whom you can find in Redrock (29,38).
⚔ During the day, each character can only defeat the event elite once.
⚔ The attraction has three difficulty levels, each with increased chances of obtaining better item types.
⚔ If you lose to the elite on a certain level during the day, you can try again on another level where you haven't attempted it yet.
⚔ We recommend taking on battles from the highest level, as in the event of failure, you can try to fight a weaker monster.
⚔ It is possible to reset the instance with the event elite. To do this, you need to have three pieces of the Hare Bait item, which can be obtained from some event quests or elites (the item replaces the chance of empty loot in the template).
⚔ You can obtain unique items from the event elite that are useful in combat, crafting, and gameplay itself.

Good luck and have fun!

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Where to find Heroes? Try the following locations:

Tribal Wraith 70lvl
Cheerful Glade
Gnoll Settlement
Bards Highway
Daredevils Swamp
Peasants Lowlands
Pinetree Wilds
Western Marchland
Meflakasti Vineyard
Wolf Fang Tower
Crescent Rise
Death's Notch
Rustling Thicket
Abyss of Conflagration
Foggy Glade of Vesa
Hill of Weepers
Weeping Grotto - 1st Level - 1st Chamber
Weeping Grotto - 1st Level - 2nd Chamber
Weeping Grotto - 2nd Level
Weeping Grotto - 3rd Level
Gloomy Passage
Forsaken Trail

Delgeth 114lvl
Fishermen's Village
Lighthouse Coast
Valley of Desert Circles
Still Rocks
Oasis of Seven Winds
Magradit - Fire Mountain
Politraka Volcano - 4th Level
Politraka Volcano - 3rd Level - 1st Chamber
Politraka Volcano - 3rd Level - 2nd Chamber
Valley of Dry Tears
Sands of the Enslaved
Sandstorm Relics
Delusive Trail
Hinterlands of Gallop
Evergreen Pathways
Tangled Woods
Selva Oscura
Centaur Valley

Atahsaiais 167lvl
Red Orc Village
Orc Council Dwelling
Haunted Dungeon - 1st Level
Haunted Dungeon - 2nd Level
Haunted Dungeon - 3rd Level
Haunted Dungeon - 4th Level
Haunted Dungeon - 5th Level
Haunted Dungeon - 6th Level
Haunted Chambers - 1st Level
Haunted Chambers - 2nd Level
Black Pearl Chamber
Tunnel under the Rock - 1st Level
Tunnel under the Rock - 2nd Level
Tunnel under the Rock - 3rd Level
Ogres Cavern - 1st Level
Ogres Cavern - 2nd Level
Ogres Cavern - 3rd Level
Agia Triada
Forest of Reverie
Dragonfly Lake
Fragrant Thicket

Chupacabra 200lvl
Slime Sewers
Nithal Sewers
Cult Antechamber
Dark Chambers
Mysterious Abode
Dreadful Dorms
Corridor of Last Hopes
Confession Hall of the Dying
Hall of a Thousand Candles
Cult Dungeon
Halls of Sundering
Spider Forest
Arachnitopia - 1st Level
Arachnitopia - 2nd Level
Arachnitopia - 3rd Level
Arachnitopia - 4th Level
Snowstorm Forest
Valmirs Hamlet
Suicide Pass

Wendigo 230lvl
Golden Mountain - 1st Level - 1st Chamber
Golden Mountain - 1st Level - 2nd Chamber
Golden Mountain - 1st Level - 3rd Chamber
Golden Mountain - 1st Level - 4th Chamber
Golden Mountain - 2nd Level - 1st Chamber
Golden Mountain - 2nd Level - 2nd Chamber
Golden Mountain - 2nd Level - 3rd Chamber
Golden Mountain - 2nd Level - 4th Chamber
Golden Mountain - 3rd Level
Rotting Wetlands
Vale of Clouds
Swamps of Dead
Ligneous Cliff
Erring Montane
The Source of the Roots