Subject: Margonem's 11th Birthday
Yashima - it would seem that everyone has already forgotten about her. After the bloody events that took place there, the island fell into disgrace and ships steered far from it... Until now! The wandering Taofan people reached its shores and, using the hospitality of the indigenous people, organized the Land's Birthday Festival there. This is a great opportunity to give this place a chance again and disenchant the bad reputation it was given years ago...

Details of the event:

- The event is dedicated to characters with a minimum of 25 experience level
- The event starts on February 15th, 10:30 a.m. (UTC +1)
- The event will last until March 1st, 10:00 a.m. (UTC +1)
- On the Margonem trails, you will be able to face three Heroes, their levels are: 70, 130, 280
- The main city where the event will take place is Yashima Island - you can get there thanks to Wang Li standing in Tuzmer Harbor [34,42] or via free teleport which can be picked up at Bubu at Ithan[48,30]. However, if you want to return to the land, Wang [87,78] will help you to come back to Tuzmer.
- There is an extremely rare Blue Bird on the island. Try to catch it to get costume fragments - after collecting all six Aiguo [44,59] will gladly exchange them for outfit of your choice.
- During the course of the event, you will be able to earn many unique rewards such as...
• The birthday lottery is available in Yunru's shop [49,57]
• We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the outfits offered by Aiguo [44,59]. He also has a barter that will allow you to preserve them!
• Zixuan [51,63] offers unique items for gold. Be sure to check out his offer!
- Access to the event location will be available until March 8th - until then you will have the last chance to visit vendors and buy items!

The previously mentioned Heroes can be found almost all over the land, especially in the following locations:

Shui Gui (70 lvl)
Bards Highway
Verdant Crossroads
Nithal Outer Town
Forlorn Path
Peasants Lowlands
Pinetree Wilds
Western Marchland
Thick Woods
Forsaken Sacred Grove - 1st Floor
Forsaken Sacred Grove - 2nd Floor
Forsaken Sacred Grove - 3rd Floor
Grizzly Precipice
Grunting Wildlands
Bandit Slope
Forest of Wonders
Clay Grotto - 1st Level
Clay Grotto - 2nd Level
Sinister Marshes
Rustling Thicket

Jiangshi (130 lvl)
Orcish Highland
Orc Council Dwelling
Red Orc Village
Orc Shaman Grotto
Wild Coppice
Secret Canyon
Heretics Grotto - 1st Level
Heretics Grotto - 2nd Level
Heretics Grotto - 3rd Level
Heretics Grotto - 4th Level
Heretics Grotto - 5th Level
Howling Ravine
Vixen Knoll
Highlanders Cavern - 1st Level
Highlanders Cavern - 2nd Level
Highlanders Cavern - 3rd Level
Highlanders Pass
Grizzly Precipice
Foehn Wind Grotto - 2nd Level
Abyss of Aguti
Nikantos Memorial Forest

Diao Si Gui (280 lvl)
Tomb of Seth
Tree of Life - 1st Level
Tree of Life - 2nd Level
Godsforsaken Catacombs
Godsforsaken Catacombs - 1st Chamber
Godsforsaken Catacombs - 2nd Chamber
Chambers of Soulless - 1st Chamber
Chambers of Soulless - 2nd Chamber
Revealed Crypt of Assassins
Catacombs of Violent Death
Catacombs of Cursed Souls
Forgotten Crypt of Seekers
Catacombs of Fallen Guardsmen
Hall of Broken Hopes
Hall of Broken Dreams
Eastern Tunnel of Memory
Western Tunnel of Memory
Damned Castle
West Slope
Filthy Wasteland
Moaning Gorge
Borderland of Hangers
Rookfeather Ridge

Good luck and have fun!

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