Subject: Holiday Event (2022)
When the fate turns around and people point at us, the easiest way is to run away... Escape to faraway places, where you don't know anyone... The Outcasts Swamp have been famous for years as a refuge for those persecuted and stigmatized by ungrateful people, who, instead of sympathizing, ridicule the otherness of others. What are you looking for there? Has a severe fate sent you there? Or maybe sheer curiosity to learn forgotten stories that preachers won't mention?

Details of the event:

- The event is dedicated to characters with a minimum of 25 experience level

- The event will last until September 8th, 2022 (UTC +1)

- On the Margonem trails, you will be able to face three Heroes, their levels are: 35, 160, 210

- You can reach the event map thanks to the Berd the Alligator Hunter, who can be found in Mythar. If, however, you wish to return to our land, Berd will be waiting for you in the Outcasts Swamp

- In the Outcasts Swamp (84.78), near the Looters' Paradise marina, you will find a Swamp Cave, which is inhabited by seven colossi with levels: 60, 100, 140, 180, 220, 260 and 300

- Currently, two story missions are available - more to come in the coming weeks

- At the swamp dwellers, you can find several attractions that will diversify your waiting
time for the arrival of the marsh monster. Berd the Alligator Hunter is waining for another hunt - you won't leave him empty-handed if you get some Swamp Alligators parts.

- During the course of the event, you will be able to earn many unique rewards such as...
• Fancy outfits at Selma [65,51]
• A familiar with customizable appearance and abilities at Simona [61,52]
• Unique items for gold at Aldo [59,31], Noel [62,29] and Adelia [65,38]

Good luck and have fun!