Subject: Easter Event (2022)
The forests in the land have recently become more dangerous to travel than usual. Adventures and traders who traveled the routes have repeatedly reported that they have seen mysterious monsters, looking as if woven from the branches and roots of trees. Do these stories have a grain of truth? Or maybe they were made up by scared travelers?

Details of the event:

- The event is dedicated to characters with a minimum of 20 experience level
- The event will last until May 4th, 2022 (UTC +1)
- On the Margonem trails, you will be able to face six Heroes, having levels: 40, 80, 160, 180, 230 and 300
- The main city where the event will take place is Thuzal - you will find there special stores where you can buy unique prizes and exchange the event currency...
• Fancy outfit shop and exchange of Coupons for Outfits at Vemirlan in Thuzal [52,38]
• Exchange of Easter Tickets for unique prizes at Oposya in Thuzal [49,42]
• Lottery in the form of three special chests and a surprise-pet at Danessi in Thuzal [53,50]
- ... which you will be able to get from the Reward Calendar (available today for two weeks)...
- ...and from daily quest "The Egg Hunt" that you can pick up from Neffe in Thuzal [40,49] (also available for two weeks)

Good luck and have fun!