Subject: The Beginning of Spring
There is still some snow under the trees, through which the first flowers are breaking through. Is Spring already here? But wait a minute, a frosty wind blows again from the north... You can see Marzana doesn't want to leave our land so easily. Will one ritual of drowning her image in the river be enough to end this winter? Or maybe we will have to repeat it many times? I heard once that one of the puppets drowned by the youngest got tangled among the reeds, and Marzana herself took control of it in order to stop more people from performing annual rituals... How much truth is there, I don't know, but maybe you will find out?

Details of the event:

- The event is dedicated to characters with a minimum of 25 experience level
- The event will last until midnight on March 31, 2022 (UTC +1)
- To face Marzana visit Bubu in Ithan
- The Colossus level is adjusted to the highest level in the group, so choose your combat partners wisely!
- Face her and get valuable items that match your level. They will not be very useful in combat (you can expect that from weapons torn from a sunken effigy), but they will be twice as useful in crafting than their counterparts in a given range.

Good luck and have fun!

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