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Crimson Brotherhood
Hello everyone!
We're trying our best to make the game better and tailor it to your needs. Therefore, your feedback is very important to us. I would like to ask you a couple of questions about the form of the past two events - Grand Hunt and Creative Challenge. All answers will be analyzed and discussed within our team. We believe they will help us improve the upcoming events and the game itself.

Before you proceed to answer the questions, be advised that this event form's purpose is quickness in implementation, which allows to release events more frequently. That is why simplicity is the key.

1. What was your experience with the event(s)?

2. What do you think of the Heroes respawns? Were there enough of them? What do you think of their duration?

3. What do you think of the Recipes? Did you like the idea of level limitations? Should the Recipes stay or be removed?

4. Was the Crafting element engaging you in active game participation?

5. What was your experience with the events' Premium offer?

6. Do you have any suggestions concerning the future events?
1. Events were like breath od fresh air, but I personally think that something was missing in them.

2. It was enough of heroes respawns and their duration was good, but they should resp in locations that normal player usually doesn't enter.

3. I do not like level limitations and I do not like Recipes neither, event legendary items should be able to unbound from player and Recipes should be removed.

4. Honestly, Crafting element has very big potential, but its wasn't engaging me in active game participation.

5. Premium offer was as it should be, it was cheap and we could get good items in good prices. +1

6. In future events we can use classic form from Polish Margonem - event map, 2-3 heroes with sick legends and we all will be happy, trust me.

PS. I am still waiting for Easter event. 8)

Have a nice day!
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1. It was nice to see something new, but there is a lack of spirit of true 'event'.

2. Amount of respawns was sufficient, duration was okay, but locations should be changed to less common.

3. In my opinion level limitation was bad idea, recipes should be erased.

4. On the contrary, the crafting element repeled me, although this is good idea with unused potential as Treed said.
Maybe the crafting upgrades to existing items would be better. But personally I don't like it.

5. Premium offer was nice, almost like always. Price pertinent to items.

6. Instead of instant events like that, it would be great to see event where 'event currency' is entity of event, this is fair - if you do a daily quest you have currency and can buy an item, heroes should be only extension which gives you rarer item.
Titans would be great idea, you can beat it with your friends etc.
As I said earlier, event has to have an atmosphere and this is the thing that lure potential participants.

Best regards!
1. As stated above, it's nice to see new and fun things being introduced into the game but there could have been more work put into the event (alongside more and new dedicated maps) to make it an outstanding one.

2. There was enough heroes throughout the period of the events lasting, but the spawn time should have been increased slightly to reduce the number of people camping on maps and simply logging into their character to check if the hero has spawned or not. Also, locations should be changing more common, in other words, heroes should spawn in different places at all times.

3. Level limitations does more harm than good and I believe it should be removed - anyone who reaches the 300LVL would agree that it becomes extremely boring and your options are reduced, besides killing heroes, titans or E2 monsters. I do not use recipes so I can not give a comment about it.

4. The crafting experience was great and it was awesome to take a good look into how it all works. With more development and more work put into it, I think it would make a huge change in Was the Crafting element engaging you in active game participation?

5. Premium offers & discounts are awesome. Being an active player, buying some teleports rocks myself for a lower Draconite price was awesome, keep it up.

6. In terms of future events THIS year, we have Summer coming up - why not let the community contribute? We all know that there is a common lack of long, thorough events when it comes to huge times of the year including Easter, Summer, Halloween & Christmas (most four dominant events of the year). Contribution from the community would not only allow your actual player base to give their interesting ideas for review, but should give the administration a good view of what players expect.
From myself, as stated above by Nexi, I totally agree that event currency should be common in the next event(s). With single (harder) quests and daily (easier but long) quests, players should be able to complete quests and collect enough event currency to purchase some cool equipment for their inventory, alongside BLESSINGS - please note this is very important as for a lot of players, blessings are running out and daily quests would be an excellent opportunity to stack up inventories with some blessings.
Again, agreeing with Nexi above, titans and heroes should only give rare items, including hero & legendary equipment, perhaps alongside some teleports to common maps in the level area of the heroes' level.

I look forward for you to make a smart move and work with your fan base and pull of an awesome Summer 2018 event, the best that has ever been in the history of .com.
1. Good that there were any events at all but personally I prefer old classic events with collecting
event's currency and heroes with normal items.

2. There are not too much players on the servers so I think spawn time should be extended to
prevent single players having to much rare items.

3. In my opinion recipes can stay for usable, natural, quest items. Crafting is not a bad idea but better form of crafting would be crafting at dwarves and not in combination with events. About elastic items( if second question was about that) that's a little bit a bad idea especially that some players with 300lvl got so much legendary elastic items and all of this items are on 300lvl with incredible statistics and bonuses that till end of this game no one will be able to defeat them.

4. Crafting element was unappealing for me.

5. Premium offers are always nice.

6. In game I guess doesn't matter number of events but quality of them. Most of players would be happy if there will be less number of events but each of them will be great I guess. On holidays I'm counting on event with titans of course. In general try to stick to classic events but surely from time to time it's good to try something new.

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6. Do you have any suggestions concerning the future events?
You should ask only for this. Now all events its very easy and so less Q you should see how its look like at Legendary item its very easy to get, now you should add new kind off item very powerful "antique" or "artefact" and make it very hard to get.
Q its somethink what should keep player close to game, i play margonem 8 yerse i know this game here is soo many players like me soo. Start making somethink BIG 1.Many Q and hard to do 2. We can get event eq too easy 3. More lottery games 4. Make new look for event maps 5. New heroes not like in 6 One off my think to do somethink new, add to events some area where players can fight for glory and the best get some payd and give chance to win some item from enemy eq.7 I have many things what do to make this margonem soo much better, if you are interested just ask.

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1. I'm new and for me it was imposible to get even around event heroes because people with high level always killed me.
2. Like I said I didn't even see one, but of course more equals better.
3. Lvl limitation is okey, but for people who "rules" on the server. For average player it doesn't matter.
4. I think yes, but people who were killing me all the time were disengaging.
5. Generaly speaking event was ok, I liked other more. Also I'm not buying premium stuff, so no opinion here.
6. For me you can add something for less "advanced" people.
That's it, hope my opinion will be helpful. Cheers to all administration ;)
1. More information about Experimental Gold, how to add Peeping Tom dialog option how to get Experimental Gold.
2. More information about the craft.
3. Improving the forum (qestów solutions and NPC problems)
4. The fact that ordinary things do not fall from the heroes
5. An easy and welcome way of flying for new players with less experience

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all right, only this the crafting I do not like