Subject: Etiquette of Margonem Player
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The Etiquette of Margonem Player is only a addition to [url=,2]here[/url]. It doesn't replace Terms & Condition. It was made only to stress certain rules and explain them in more user friendly language.

Etiquette of Margonem Player

1. Provisions
1.1 Etiquette of Margonem Player (called later Etiquette) is a general set of rules that describes fair use of Margonem website and the game. The administration of Margonem are Administrator, Senior Game Masters and Game Masters standing in their name. All definitions in Etiquette are the same as in [url=,2]Terms & Conditions[/url].
1.2 The Player in every action in the game is obliged to obey general rules of good manners and [url=]Netiquette[/url]. In case of violation of these rules a proper punishment may be imposed on the Player.
1.3 The Service Provider may impose following punishments:
a) Gag - Player is banned from writing posts in the forums;
b) Account ban - Player can't log into the game;
c) IP ban - all Players that use a certain IP number cannot log into the game.
d) Prison - Player's character may be put into a prison temporary or permanently.
The ultimate punishment is deleting account or characters in the game.
1.4 The Player is obliged to name their characters, guild and other game elements that can be influenced by Player, in a polite way. The names cannot infringe law, third parties rights or copyrights. Players cannot use character's names associated with fascism, Nazism, antisemitism, communism or hate speech. The ultimate decision whether a game is proper is made by the administration.

2. Use of an Account in the Game.
2.1 The Player may use only one account in the game. If he or she uses more than one there will be taken from them and deleted. The User of the account is the User of the e-mail set in its configuration.
2.2 Only the rightful User may use their account. Other Players must not use it.
2.3 If a one computer is used by the members of one household, the information about it should be placed in the account profile, about me section.
2.4 The Player cannot transfer an account to another User.
2.5 Every Player is responsible for their account. In case of a rule violation the punishment is imposed on the account, not the person that was using it at that time.
2.6 In case of losing a password to the User’s account, the only possibility of obtaining it is to use password recovery option.. After meeting the requirements of the process the Player will receive an e-mail with their login and password resetting link. In case of lack of an e-mail address in configuration or losing access to it password recovery is impossible.
2.7 Birthdate is an additional safety mechanism. If the Player doesn't know the set birthdate it's impossible to recover the account’s password. If the birthdate was set and the User doesn't know it, the account is lost and the service provider won't interfere in that matter.
2.8 In case of direct verification by the Game Master that a Player doesn't use an application or add-on that actively or automatically aids in the game, The Player is obliged to follow the Game Master's instructions and respond to their messages in any case.

3. Commenting in the Game and in the Forums
3.1 Every Player that uses account in Margonem has access to forums, which may be banned from using them temporarily or permanently in case of the Player's improper behavior.
3.2 Post writing ban is assign by forum moderators.
3.3 Gag is assigned for improper behavior or comments in the forum, in particular when the Player:
a) Makes threads in wrong section;
b) Makes incomprehensible threads or posts;
c) Uses swears or curses, insults Players or others;
d) Attempts to trade;
e) Makes threads or posts solely to increase their reputation;
f) Shows trolling behavior;
g) Supports, by comments or voting, threads or post that are against game's regulations.
3.4 Every Player is responsible for all the materials, content and graphics that he or she publishes in the game,in the comments, in the forums, in the messages to other Players or in other parts of Margonem website.
3.5 The Player is obliged to refrain from publishing materials and content that isn't their property or infringes third party’s rights or copyrights. Plagiarism is severely punished.
3.6 Publishing or informing about whatsoever bugs in the game that may be exploited is forbidden.The Player is obliged to report immediately such bugs to support. Every other bugs and errors may be reported in the forums in proper section.
3.7 Players cannot paste or publish following links anywhere in the game and Margonem website:
a) To malicious applications, in particular to malware, spyware and viruses;
b) Reference links;
c) Commercials that don't concern game Margonem;
d) Websites that are insulting, vulgar or adults-only.
3.8 Players may assign reputation points in the forums. However, it's forbidden to agree with other players to artificially increase or decrease anyone's reputation. If the assigning of reputation was exploited, the administration may edit reputation of players involved.
3.9 Players are asked to assess positively good, wise posts and negatively - spam and absurd or pointless threads and posts.

4. Bans in the Game.
4.1 Cheating in any form is forbidden, in particular:
a) Using any applications or add-ons that actively support the game;
b) Farming - using many accounts for the benefit of one;
c) Exploiting bugs in the game;
d) Publishing links to phishing sites.
4.2 Other forbidden actions are:
a) Trading accounts in any form;
b) Trading gold or Draconite, only exceptions are forms that Service Provider makes available for Players;
c) Offering gold or other benefits for Glory or reputation;
d) Harassing or repressing other Players;
e) Plagiarizing creations of others, in particular guild main pages or artistic works from Community Creations section in the forums.
f) Selling information about heroes location;
g) Publishing image and/or other personal data without consent of the person of interest.
4.3 It's forbidden to impersonate known Players, Chat and Forum Moderators, administration or imitate system messages by using confusingly similar nicknames. In such cases administration will change the nickname at their discretion.

5. Final Provisions
5.1 Service Provider isn't responsible for any agreements between the Players.
5.2 If the Etiquette is not clear, the interpretation is made by the administration.
5.3 Service Provider has a right to unilateral change of Etiquette. The change are coming into effect after 14 days from the announcement at the main page of
5.4 Punishments imposed by administration are final and are non-negotiable.
5.5 The administration in justified cases may allow a certain User not to obey certain rules.
5.6 Any cases connected with accounts, thefts, break ins, purchases, complaints and other parts of the game come under the consideration in the mode described in 9 sec. 4-9 of [url=,2]Terms & Conditions[/url].

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