Subject: Children's Day
Wrath of Heavens
Once in a while everyone can feel like a child! That's why we want to invite every kid, teenager and people young in their spirits to take part! Every opportunity to make an event is good, right?
There's another reason. It's great day because we celebrate also official third birthday of Margonem. Yes, we're together for exactly three years! It's not such a small deal. That's why we would like you to meet a part of Margonem team in a fantasy sweet island where you could help them organize the party itself.
On the beginning you will have four quest from Game Masters on the isle, where relaxed Elejlon in Ithan will take you. Special guests will be the Downstreet Boys! Tommy has something special for you too! On the island of huge lollipops and cotton candy trees are shops with special things for you. Soon more quests will appear so brace yourself! You should also teach a lesson to roving Game Masters! There will be something wrong with the birthday island, it will need help from all the players! Observe the blog!
The event will end on 2015-06-12 in early morning (CET).

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Rayan wymiatacz
Very GOOD :D
Very nice :3
For Fun
Event hero is on event map on Cronus now :D
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Beautiful agony said:
I ask only for one thing - please be consequent.

Oh, c'mon, what's the use in arguing about that? Yeah, the game engine seems to be the same, but other than that - there are different details. It's obvious that it's the project that takes some things from Polish version, but overall it's a new project and it's directed to international players. There's no need to be ironic like that ;)

And I don't see the reason why Thinker or Wicked Patrick, or the rest of the team cannot be known to international players. They're partly responsible for the game being there, first of all.


About the event - great thing! I'm afraid I'm not gonna take part in it because I need yet to get oriented in the game, but it sounds real great!
Dark Magician
I want to know why people play the english margonem when they can't speak english or only speak polish

And is there gonna be other heroes for different levels because i only found 1 which was too high and it said something about the shops in the candy? i tried looking for them i couldn't find anything

For the shops can you please give more stuff to sell on gold instead of dragonites
Apart from them the event is quite good and if your gonna do something like the drunken crabbies can you make it last longer because before i didn't get even 1

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Can someone give me link to event hero list?
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Did the event with gathering Pink Lollipops end today? I cant find any lollipops ;< I thought that it will end tomorrow ;<<
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Yes. The event with lolipops was held till today's morning. The event is finished.
"On the beginning you will have four quest from Game Masters on the isle"
"Soon more quests will appear so brace yourself!"

Where then any more quests than the four starting ones and the lollipops event? I didn't find any and there was no information about it on blog or anywhere else.
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where rewards lolipops