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Starting adventure with [/u]

Once we created our account, we can enter the game. We start our adventure in Wisk's House - 1st Floor[/u].

It looks like that:

We speak with Wisk [/u] to learn how we got in such strange place and how to manage now.

First quest

Yellow question mark above Wisk head means that he has got some task for us. It is highlighted and marked by " ? " in the dialogue:

Final line of the dialogue is also our task-to-do:

If we want to, we can check quest progress in active quests bookmark. We can find it here:

And it looks like that:

There is Track button next to quest name. It will be our helper through whole task:

& provides arrow which shows direction we should follow in order to find things we need during the quest
& highlights passages we should go through, monsters to kill or NPC to talk with
& shows progression of certain stage of the quest

When you turn it on (in quest bookmark) , it looks like that on the map:

If we gained ordered number pieces of meat, we can come back to Wisk to finish our first task. Notice that the quest accomplishment info will appear in game window as well as on the chat:

Quest completed!
You have received: Shortbow

You have received: Short Arrows x2

Gained 4 experience points
Gained 100 golds

Piece of cake right? :)

It is time to get really busy. Let’s start performing available quests and increase your character’s experience lvl.

Overall information you may find useful while exploring first map: [/u]

1. Healing

Using the plants is just waste of time. They don't cure enough HP to support needs of our characters. Here, on the very first map, Old Gregory the Healer will cure us whenever we need to. Just ask him about it:

TIP : You can also buy some potions.

2. Equipment

Emty the Merchant have quite sizeable collection of equipment for every Adventurer.

TIP : NPCs’ shops are fully sufficient for players needs at the beginning. Over time your main source of eq will be different types of mobs.

3. Quests

There are few tasks to perform, which are source of gold, useful eq and of course exp points:

1. Beginnings

Person ordering: Wisk

INFO: Kill the rabbits and bring 5 pieces of meat.

Prize: Shortbow
, Short Arrows x2
, 4 experience points, 100 golds

2. Old Gregory's Lost Pouch

Person ordering: Old Gregory the Healer

INFO: We are asked find Old Gregory's pouch which were lost somewhere in Mysterious Cave.

Prize: Turite
, 51 experience points.

3. Purchase Equipment for Lupus

Person ordering: Lupus

INFO: We are asked to visit Emty the Merchant to buy ordered Equipment for Lupus.

Prize: Heavy Leather Jerkin
, 34 experience points

4. Hunt the Fiercest Monsters

Person ordering: Tekeny

INFO: Kill 9 Young Cave Gaunts from Mysterious Cave.

Prize: 327 experience points, 90 gold, 25 glory

5. Package to Torneg

Person ordering: Mato

INFO: We are asked to deliver precious package to Shagarat the Dark Hunter .

Prize: 300 gold, experience points, Worn-out Hunter's Chainmail
, Ranger's Crossbow

TIP: [/u] If you encounter any difficulties with finding tasks to do, you can always have a look on notice board:

And it looks like that:

4. Places to exp

Little exp crib for beginners:

1 - 4 lvl -> rabbits, squirrels, crickets, red crickets, young beatles
5 - 7 lvl -> hornets, beatles
6 – 10 -> beetles and gounts [Mysterious Cave]

Achieving 7 - 8th lvl makes your character strong enough to explore other maps. You should definitely set off towards Torneg to accomplish offered tasks and then head out to other towns in Margonem.

Good luck and see you soon on Margonem trails.
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Thanks :)
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Szalony said:
Hey a I have a question about necklace from Lady of the Hills on the profession like Hunter and Tracker.This necklace should has a bonus named Salvation but it has a bonus named pushback which don't exist anymore.Please repair it.