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This article is just to help you make a choice , and how you make use of it , that's your business. Let there be no questions beginners , I immediately write , where we learn skills.

Paladin , as well as other professions , from 25 lvl , can allocate skills , nos . There are four ways :
- The road force - Aberyt ( suburbs Karka -Han )
- Road cunning - Shagarat Black Blade ( Torneg )
- Road - Jaren elements (barracks Ithan ,
- Road light - William ( left wing of the Town Hall Karka -Han ) .

Paladin focuses on all roads , because in each there is something useful for us. "The most important skill for a paladin " are those that are necessary and every paladin should have them. " Skills less important for a paladin " - those that are good, but not a necessity to invest in them. These skills , which you will not find here , I found it useless and not worth wasting points.

The most important skill for a paladin :

I. Achieving Forces :

1 Expertise one-handed weapons - skill passive
" Increases attack weapons , depending on the strength. "
It is one of the most important umek . Paladin has a relatively weak attack , so he must go to make up this skill . It increases our attack weapon one-handed , so we can also put better criticism . Useful for PVP, and the exp .

2 Customs blow - skill passive
" During the attack one-handed weapon chance to dodge enemy is reduced "
Decreases of quite a lot of chance to dodge enemy attacks while outputting . Also essential skill , especially while gaining experience , because the monsters are far less likely to dodge than, for example hunter . This is a passive ability , work forever, so this is her extra plus .

3 Instant attack - skill enabled
" Regular attack but set much faster "
This is one of the best skills active to the pile. It works great on the actual games , so that we can sometimes bring out several attacks . The effect will be even better when you combine it with a " painful blow " and arms , which lowers the AS during the strike. Against players is also reliable , for example, will reduce the chance that a hunter will attack us twice in a row . Be sure to invest in it , it should be your main skill active.

4 Heavily hit - skill passive
" It strengthens the critical strike with melee weapons "
By investing in this skill , we increase the strength of our criticism , which sometimes can save us , when we have already lost hope of winning. Attacks paladin , as I wrote earlier , they are quite weak, so you should in some sense to increase our " combat potential " investing in it . Useful for pvp and exp , as the critic everywhere in handy. At the initial latter stages is not very efficient , since in general we have a minimum chance to hit a critical and a small attack , so fatal blow rather not change the course of battle. It should start to take it as from about 50 - 60 level .

5 Critical hit even - skill passive
" Lets often getting critical hit with melee weapons "
A strong critic is not enough , so be sure and even the need to increase his chances . It will be useful to fight with the players as well as monsters . Not worth investing immediately , preferably as of 50 levels .

6 painful blow - the ability to passive
"Striking a critical next attack slows the enemy"
Each critic will reduce some SA enemy. Of course, when we have a blitz attack and a high chance of a critical hit, although at the beginning it is not worth to learn this umiejętnościi, because of the small chance of criticism.

7 Rage - skill passive
" After receiving your critical strike next attacks are 10% more powerful "
Good skill , packed to the max , but only somewhere so from level 60 , because at the beginning to give us a little bonus to attack. The attack is amplified to a certain number of turns (one at level 1 , level 2, two and three at level 3 )

8 Bloodlust
" Hitting the critical causes energy recovery "
We recover the percentage of energy during our critical strike . The final step is 16 %. Especially useful when a large chance of criticism , so you can attack all the time active skills .

II.Road Wits :

1 The inherent speed - skill passive
" It makes you faster in combat "
Generally paladin has low AS . This should make up for eQ and this ability that was not the case , the hunter and tracker attacks us several times in a row .. Each point increases our attack speed of 0.1 , which is quite a lot. I suggest you invest from the beginning.

2 Physical fitness - skill passive
" Increases the amount of life "
It increases our standard of living . Also useful skill , through which we can no longer survive on the battlefield.

III.Road Light :

1 Wound Healing - skill enabled
" It restores the health of yourself or companions in the team . Any further use is about 50 % weaker than the last. "
At the beginning not very effective , however, as the 60 level begins to play an important role in the fighting PvP , less the actual games , because the experience usually gather during the fight fast . The name itself indicates that through it we will be able to restore a portion of their life force . Additionally, you can throw it on an ally , saving his life at the same time often . However, costs quite a lot of mana , so I usually invest in this skill , we will have to learn to skills increasing mana .

2 Concentration skill passive mana -
" Increases mana possessed "
It increases our energy resources magical , so that we can do more attacks magical skills . However, if you do this , then do not invest in it . Also, if you have enough mana to heal , it makes no sense to lose points.

3 Strengthening the ability passive mana -
" It teaches trigger magical power depending on your intellect. "
If you have decided to study the concentration of mana , it's worth then add a few dots in it , as it allows the umiejce , our mana still grows

4 Restore Mana - skill passive
" Mana restored every turn "
Without this ability will be difficult to us to function in the later game, that is, approximately 160 lvl . Comes shield the sun, which could have together with the treatment to quit at least once. For this Thuzal occurred after adding a lot of items that reduce mana , so you can partially reduce the effect of investing in this skill .

5 Improving health - passive skill
" It increases the amount of energy "
It would not hurt to take , if we focus heavily on the skill of the way of strength. With five points invested , the energy increases to us by 50 , which will give us the ability to use several additional times skills .

IV.Road Elemental :

1 Expertise magic [ fire, cold , lightning ] - Ability to passive
" Increases the damage from the fire / cold, lightning , depending on the intellect "
It increases our attack magic . Select this specialization magic, from which inflicts damage our weapons . In other cases, the ability will not work. Overall, this is an interesting skill , and combined with capabilities that enhance our magic attack when hit , it will perform great .

2 The power of [ cold , fire, lightning ] - Ability to passive
" It reinforces the critical strike magic cold / fire / lightning "
Increases our criticism magical power , the equivalent of a heavy impact . At the beginning also not worth it to learn, because it is our chance , as well as criticism of the magical power of items is negligible.

3 minute blow - skill enabled
" Attack the fire with melee weapons cause extra damage "
This causes additional damage from fire, magical equivalent of an aggressive attack , but not deducted armor . Very useful in PvP , especially in a profession, which has a small resistance . Works only when our arms deals fire damage . The equivalent of elemental cold is pushing frost , and lightning - paralyzing blow . For this skill , it is worth to have a pair of skills related to mana ( mana concentration , gain mana restore mana )

4 Iced blow - skill passive
" The attack weapon with injuries ice has a chance to freeze the opponent for one turn "
Something resembling stun warrior. Very useful skill , essential when you have an ice weapon . With the players willing to take you to the group , " the hunting " on Titan .

Skills less important for a paladin :

I. Achieving Forces

1 Pairing - skill passive
"Blocking the attack at close quarters melee weapon "
Adds a chance to attack pair (max. 5 %). It works like dodge , but with him not cumulative . It is given later when you no longer have what to give, because it is much more useful skills.

2 Disruptive blow - skill enabled
" Outputs enemy off balance by reducing its chance to critical hit and puncture "
Known and one of the most used skills paladin at old engine . But now depreciated in favor of Instant attack. This does not mean , however, that it is useless. Next good works well for pvp and good for exp gain . It would not hurt to have her as a second active skill out of the way of strength. But - according to me - better to take smelly projectile out of the way of light.

3 Defiant shout - skill enabled
" He pulls on you anger opponents in two rounds "
Especially useful when fighting groups. The Paladin is a profession strictly defensive , so it can take on the attacks , saving the life of his companion . However, it's not worth it to invest a lot of points , because it is impractical , ie , do not always have the opportunity to use it .

II. Road Wits :

1 Resistance to poison - skill passive
" Increases natural resistance to poisons "
Increases our resistance to the hated poison. However, do not protect us largely because we it at a later stage of the game .

III. The Way of Light :

1 Aura - magical ability to protect active
"Activating the aura increases magic defense in the team for 10 turns
Quite useful in combination with a resistance element of the way the elements. AS a result, we will be able to get a large fire resistance (in my case it was 46% to fire) . Works on all the team. This does not take a lot of mana.

2 Better condition - ability passive
" What turn is restored part of your energy "
As you are taking , it is worth to expand to a maximum of ( 5 Point ID of energy per turn ) . works well with bloodlust , because we will instantly recover lost energy .

3 Shield the sun - skill enabled
" It protects and heals for 5 turns , but at every power of action weakens "
Useful higher levels (from 160). Skill similar to the aura of physical resistance , but it also restores shield n hp. Useful to fight in groups, because we can throw at her friend , as well as the lone driving levels . As a result , we will be able to fight the monsters with a greater advantage.

4 Smelly missile - skill enabled
" Efficiency Movement opponent is reduced , which decreases the chance of a critical hit and puncture "
The effect is similar to the spreading strike , but , to me , a little bit better. Do not execute the attack, but they throw a spell that will work 5 turns . You should decide which skill take .

5 A moment of concentration - skill enabled
" It restores mana , but not more than the initial amount . Any further use is about 10 % weaker than the last. "
Skill rather useful in fighting group . For pvp mana we can skillfully distribute it enough. However, it can always be situations in which many very quickly need such treatment . Sometimes it can save us . For small levalach bit of a shame to lose the points .

IV. Road Elemental :

1 Resistance [ fire , cold , lightning ] - Ability to passive
"Reduces damage taken from magic cold / fire / lightning "
Quite a great job in conjunction with aura or shield fire / frost. However, protects more than one element, and investing in protection against all , is expensive and some unprofitable. Therefore, we see what magical attack used by the monsters , which you dig level or living opponents . In this case you have to check the mage weapons for a given level

2 Shield [ frost, fire ] - Ability to active
" It absorbs some damage from fire / cold for 5 turns "
Alternatively, instead of a protective aura . Take only when we know what magical attacks at a given level have opponents .

That's all , if anyone would have any objections , comments , proposal , let's write on this topic , I will consider them .

I. The question of the exact distribution of skills is a lack of respect for me and laziness on the part of the person who asks for ready skills . Respect yourself and others.
II. First, read the guide , ask questions later . Most did not even read what is written here and immediately asks for help - mostly about ready distribution .
III. The character and skills that each individual case . You know what game you prefer , know your character , so you best placed to spread their skills . Someone can only help , for example , saying notable skill , since they should take , etc. , but the choice is yours. If after reading this guide and the help of others still do not know what skills invest in it , think about whether you even know how to play a paladin .
IV. If you're asking about ready resolution, not even trying to arrange them or not reading what is posted here , it is lazy unless you are no longer just for sure.


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