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Stand in the training room of warriors, their mighty domain
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Trackers' seat is a place of serenity where people and animals live alongside
Enter the hunter's cave with walls covered in animals furs and magnificent antlers
See only flashes of blades in the sinister dark of the blade dancers' abode


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Booo! Are you afraid? You should! Here comes with the great strides the dreadfully expected Halloween! Have fun with the residents of Torneg!
At first please pay a visit to Cedric the Mayor, who notices residents' serious problem with... vanishing disguises! Immediately afterward, go to the Karka-han Necropolis to undertake Bone Collector's collusive task worthy of a true wraith.
Phew... Life of a stouthearted fellow is not a piece of cake... but thanks to it, you'll get a chance to see the festive Torneg.
If you want to meet this year's guests from afterlife, just talk to Mr. Death about it. He is abysmally eager to teleport Players to event map. Multiple attractions are waiting for you there. Discover them step by step, along with the guests arrived from the afterlife.
Can you become true Hero of upcoming Halloween? Find it out with creepy support of ghosts, vampires and witches in their endeavors. Enjoy spooky fun!
Stay tuned! Soon there will be heroes, new quests and more!
-- Xentis, 31.10.2014
Archive: Halloween!
You don't have any characters. Probably you've deleted them. You must create at least one character to start the game.
-- Xentis, 29.10.2014
Bug Report: bug in login
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