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Stand in the training room of warriors, their mighty domain
Feel the cold of marble walls in paladins' sanctuary
Feel the magic filling the air in mages' tower
Trackers' seat is a place of serenity where people and animals live alongside
Enter the hunter's cave with walls covered in animals furs and magnificent antlers
See only flashes of blades in the sinister dark of the blade dancers' abode


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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Trains are first step in developing technology that will certainly make teleportation by magic obsolete.
-- DevilaN, 01.04.2014
General Discussion: Railroad in Margonem!
I've noticed that many questions are appearing on the forums very often. So I try to answer them.

1. I'm in Sarah's House - Basement. How to get out?
You were behaving improper or naughty. You were cursing, swearing, using bugs or cheating and that's why you're in this prison. You won't get out from there, and you're character will be deleted. Be a nice player next time.

2. Will my account be deleted after beta tests?
I don't think so. All the players from a former Dev world were moved to Husaria and they will stay there. Cronus as a primary international world also is in its normal operation. But we may reset some other things like reputation on forum etc.

3. Where can I change my outfit?
Outfit will change automatically after gaining every 10 experience levels up to 100 level.

4. Why plants are killing me?
Unless you're a vegetarian... You use some kind of add-ons that cause it. Remove them ant everything will be normal.

5. How do I get to the Gnolls' Village?
You must make a quest for Veldrin Martel called Paradise Lost. The quest requires 63 lvl and the reward is the Key to the Dusty Passage.
-- Xentis, 24.07.2013
First aid: A Few Tips for Newcomers
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