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Stand in the training room of warriors, their mighty domain
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All information about game updates will be posted here:
-- Forty, 18.10.2016
Tutorials and Guides: Technical blog

1. Bugs connected with: frost aura, charged arrow have been fixed.
2. Bug connected with copying sign '' has been fixed
3. Dropping and selling quest items feature has been fixed
4. Bug causing low-level players dealing higher damage without weapon equipped has been fixed.
5. New: for testing purpose an anti-bot for daily quests has been added.


1. Item-type info has been added.
2. Notification sounds has been added: new message, friend/enemy appeared on the map, elite II appeared on the map, hero in sight.
3. Clans now can be created right through Clan Panel
4. Advertisements have been added to the banner panel and minor bugs connected with them have been fied.
5. A button triggering full-screen has been added.
6. Character statistic distribution system has been changed. Since now they are being distributed through expandable character statistics panel. That panel has new design.
7. Clicking on map button will show current map instead of world map.
8. Group window now appears immediately after joining group and current window position is remembered by system.
9. Clan panel has been redesigned.
10. All texts from pop-up windows have been centered.

1. Godsforsaken Catacombs have been added.
-- Forty, 18.10.2016
Tutorials and Guides: Patch Notes
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