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No one really likes to write e-mails. You must log into your e-mail account, think what to write and how. It's tedious. That's why I present you brand new support, exclusively for Margonem! You may enter it by choosing Support tab and clicking banner on the bottom. You'll find there also some helpful links for newbies. New support connects FAQ and contact form. The FAQ is poor, but I'm sure it will grow with time. Don't forget to log in to use the support!
-- Xentis, 23.02.2015
Archive: Support!
1. NPCs with shops were switched off at 2015-02-20.
2. is understaffed, that's why.
3. Once more is understaffed, the event should be switched off in the Saturdays morning. My calendar reminder failed. Sorry for that.
4. works only because of a few people who has the will to work after hours. If the players (and you hardly can speak for whole community) aren't pleased with our work, we can stop it.
5. See 2. incomes aren't enough to employ more people. All the work is voluntary.
6. No harm was done, players gather more items, kill more heroes and buy more items.

The participation in events isn't obligatory. Making events isn't obligatory either. If you don't want them, they can stop.
-- Xentis, 23.02.2015
General Discussion: When will Valentine’s Day! event end?
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