Subject: Experimental World [Rules + Invitation Requirements]
Crimson Brotherhood
Experimental World (EW)

1. General Provisions
1.1. EW is not a public world, but a game development world.
1.2. EW is used for testing, so it may contain bugs, errors, and may crash.
1.3. Only players with at least 1 year experience and one 100+ character may be invited to EW.
1.3.1. A Game Master may omit point 1.3. if they decide that a player may be useful for EW.

2. Gameplay
2.1. Players are free to decide how they play.
2.2. Player Characters may be damaged.
2.3. Player Items may be lost, deleted or damaged.
2.4. Game balance may be switched off.
2.5. EW may be reset in exceptional cases.
2.6. Players should follow Terms of Use Agreement rules.
2.6.1. Breaking the Agreement rules may result in excluding the player from EW.
2.6.2. Appeals or complaints won't be accepted.
2.7. EW is not ranked.
2.8. EW Items don't work on the board.
2.9. Information on EW will be posted in Technical Support section.
2.10. Discovered bugs must be reported as soon as possible and must not be used.
2.11. Premium features are available on EW, but the player uses them at their own risk.
2.11.2. Lost data won't be refunded.

3. Applying for Experimental World
3.1. All applications should be sent via Support Panel.
3.2. Applications should be rich in information on the player and their history.
3.3. A Game Master may reject application without providing a reason.
3.3.1. If the application is rejected, the player may resend a new application after 30 days from sending the rejected one.
3.4. Spamming, begging and other violations will result in a permanent ban from EW.

4. Final Provisions
4.1. Feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.
4.2. Players may have only 1 character on EW.

This set of rules was created by Xentis and modified by Robson.