Subject: Penalties
Lit Kol
Table of penalties (VALID FROM 06.11.2017)

Scale of Charges

1. General Rules

1. The Scale of Charges applies to all game elements and the website (including the Player’s profile). The punishments for game violations are always equal to the ones on the website.
2. Recidivism - if the Player gets penalized for the same violation again, the punishment is doubled, or the Player’s account will be banned permanently. Recidivism Policy applies to all points of the Scale of Charges. Third Board mute in a row for the same violation is exchanged for a 3-day ban. Punishments for further violations are always doubled. The Player who does not want to correct their behavior may have their reputation reset.
3. Penalties accumulate. The punishment will be cumulative, if it turns out that the Player violated more than one Game Rule.
4. The Support Panel’s must not be used to check other players. All reports must have evidence attached.
5. Only reports with screenshots (that meet our conditions -,320) will be accepted.
6. Only screenshots from the Game window can be treated as an evidence. In extraordinary situations, other screens may be taken into consideration, if the Administration can verify them.
7. The Administration do not accept screens and reports older than 30 days. Cases older than 30 days are time-barred.
8. Screenshots must be attached with timestamps (in certain situations, timestamp must be visible on a screenshot). A tutorial explaining how to make a proper screenshot is available below the following link:,320.
9. Please be advised that certain behaviors are considered crimes. For stealing an account or game items, stealing Draconites or Payment Codes, threats, publishing personal data without permission of an owner, urging to cybersex, sharing pornography, piracy, plagiarism, the Player might have legal consequences. The Service Provider is obliged to inform the Law Enforcement of any offence and disclose all required data that would help identify an offender.
10. Every punishment affects the Player’s reputation. Amount of lost reputation depends on the punishment’s duration (in case of bans it is twice bigger).
11. A complaint/report can be filled in only by the Players who have participated in the reported case, or who have been witnesses of breaking the Game Rules, or an injured party (e.g. a victim of a theft or a penalized player). Reports sent by a third party will not be accepted. It is forbidden to use other players accounts to report cases of losing access to your own.
12. A penalized player may appeal against a penalty in 30 days from getting it. In this time, the report must be registered in the Support Panel in “Bans and Appeals” section. There is no other way to appeal against a penalty.
12.1. Appeals concerning accounts without at least one 20 level character will not be accepted.
13. Punishments given by the Administration are non-negotiable.

It is a Game Master who makes a final decision about a penalty, which is based on evidence they received via the Support Panel. The Scale of Charges document is a source of information on penalties for the Player only.

2. Thefts
1. Account Theft - permanent account ban (both of the stolen account and thief’s account). If a victim of a theft retrieves their account credentials and provides the Administration with evidence that the account is theirs, the Administration may unban the account.

2. Items and Gold Theft
Game Master may ban player temporarily, or permanently in case of:
a) items/gold theft or a loan (borrowing/lending) from a stolen account, if a GM finds clear evidence of player’s guilt,
b) items/gold theft in a process of unlinking with extra charge, if a victim provides a GM with clear evidence of thief’s guilt,
c) theft during trade, or in other cases of evident fraud, if a victim provides a GM with clear evidence of thief’s guilt.

Nobody has right to demand passwords from the players. The Administration never asks the players for their passwords.

3. The Administration does not return stolen items, gold, Draconites, or refund anything. The Administration does not publish thieves’ nicknames.
4. Account ban may result in stolen items loss, and in extreme cases, removal of all legends and gold, across the punished player’s account.
5. Any form of actual extortion of gold is considered a theft, e.g. a lottery with entry fees on the chat.

A Game Master is responsible for mitigation or enhancement of a penalty.

All transactions should be documented with screenshots. In case of points 2.b and 2.c, an attached screen must picture a whole trade agreement with its conditions. Trade agreements between the players should contain full item names. Screenshots should picture a whole game window with visible game chat and time and date of agreement conclusion.

3. Illegal Trade

Temporary Account Ban - 3-7 days
1. Draconites trade.
2. Exhaustion trade.
3. Reputation trade and begging for pluses.
4. Heroes Information trade.
5. Clan or clan invitation trade. Entry fees on official clan pages are allowed.
6. Character, codes, items from other games trade (including trade-offs).
7. Trade propositions with a use of external communicators (GG, Skype, Messenger etc.) on the global, private, clan and group chat.
8. Organizing lotteries.

Temporary Account Ban - 14-30 days
10. Account buy offer or reply to such an offer.
11. Evident fraud.

Permanent Account Ban
12. Account trade is forbidden on any level.
12.1 Account trade (sell) - account sell offer is synonymous with readiness to accept such transaction, like in all auctions analogically. If a player proves that someone tries to frame them for an account sell, their account may be unbanned.
13. Draconites trade - an offer proposal is treated as a trade. Draconites requests are also treated as a trade. If a GM recognizes that a player have been unaware of wrongdoing, they may change a punishment for a 14-day ban.
14. Account exchange.
15. Game element trading (e.g. gold, items) outside the Game or with a use of payment forms impossible to be fully realized in the Game is illegal and offering such bids is synonymous with readiness to accept such transactions. PSC codes sale trades for any game elements are considered illegal.
16. Private World Invitation offers.
16.1 Offers giving impression of serious - if such an offer is made by an Administrator or future Administrator, all their characters from private worlds will be transferred to Syberia. In addition to that, such a player will be deprived of rights to serve Administrator function in the future.
16.2 Punishments for buying or buy offers for private world invitation can be exchanged for a temporary ban of 14-30 days.

4. Bad Behavior and Inappropriate Content

1. Insulting, slandering, or defamation of other players on the global chat should be reported to a Chat Moderator.
1.1 Insulting players on a private chat - the player should add offender to the Enemies List.
1.2 Reports concerning insults on global, clan, private and group chats sent via the Support Panel are not accepted.
1.3 Slandering players breaking the game rules should be reported to a Chat Moderator.

Temporary Account Ban - 3-7 days
2. Erotic subjects - by this term the Administration understands all content of ambiguous meaning.
3. Vulgar profile, insulting players on a profile (not only using vulgarisms), links referring to scripts opening multiple pages, threatening links, links to vulgar YouTube videos insulting the Staff Members - temporary account ban + removal of a profile. In certain cases, a Game Master may delete a profile without banning an account.
4. Vulgar or inappropriate nickname - nickname change + temporary account ban. In certain cases, a Game Master may change a nickname without banning an account.
5. Vulgar or inappropriate clan/rank name - clan/rank name change + temporary account ban. In certain cases, a Game Master may change a clan/rank name without banning an account.
6. Impersonating well-known players (players TOP 10 ranking and private worlds administrators) - nickname change + temporary account ban.
7. Links (excluding player’s profile) - links to other games or which purpose is fraud/extortion - temporary account ban + removal of a profile. In certain cases, a Game Master may delete a profile without banning an account.
8. Spamming on the Support Panel.
9. Deliberate game hindering - for example by blocking teleporting NPC out with a big outfit, or killing elites with advantage of 13 levels.

Temporary Account Ban - 14-30 days
10. Pornography - sharing links to pornographic websites. In extreme cases offender’s account may be banned permanently.
11. Vulgarisms, sharing fascist (or other totalitarian ideology) content, insulting players on the official or private clan page - removal of the shared content + temporary account ban. It also applies to clan ranks. In extreme cases clans will be removed.
12. Incitement of Ethnic, Racial or Religious Hatred etc., promoting fascism or other totalitarian ideology.
13. Sending false reports via the Support Panel (including modified screenshots).
14. Exping propositions or giving away exp.
15. Insulting the Administration (if an offender uses more than one account, the punishment will be doubled across the accounts).
16. Publishing private pictures and personal data without permission from the owner. Cases concerning pictures uploaded by their owners in “Our Photos” section will be rejected.
17. Overusing Wanted System.
18. Publishing any correspondence with the Administration (emails, the Support Panel messages) in all game elements, with the exception of cases concerning technical matters or general issues.
19. Asking another player for providing any data saved in their Account’s configuration (login, password etc. in particular). It is also forbidden to share the aforementioned data to the third party in order to bypass the Substitutes System.

Permanent Account Ban
20. Offers of cybersex, forcing other players to send nude pictures - in case of children and people not wanting to participate in such practices.
21. Links to pages extracting passwords, Draconites etc. from the Player’s Account. If a player proves that their account has been stolen, there is possibility of unbanning such an account.
22. Publishing false information concerning contact with the Administration (e.g. GG numbers).
23. Impersonating the Staff Members.
24. Reports concerning Ban Threatening will not be accepted. Ban Threatening should be reported to a chat moderator. Exceptions: real threats and impersonating the Staff Members.

5. Illegal Game Improvements
Temporary Account Ban - 14-30 days
1. Owning multiple accounts - the Account with highest level will be banned for 14 days, the rest of accounts permanently. There is no possibility of exchanging bans between the Accounts. The first ban has a character of a warning. Further violations will result in permanent bans on all accounts. Only account owners (owners of the registered email) can use their accounts. Please be advised that the only exception of owning two accounts is when one of the accounts is banned and the second is used to contact the Administration. However, the Player must not log in the Game on such an account. The Player must not create a second account, if the ban is temporary.
2. "Farming" - using multiple accounts to your own purposes (e.g. playing in two or more browsers) - temporary account ban for 14-30 for the highest leveled account + permanent account bans for the rest of the accounts.
3. Multiple account users.
4. A Substitute using the main account password.
5. Using proxy services or VPN programs.
6. Using external software to automate the Game. In certain cases the Account may be banned permanently, some game functions may be blocked, or selected account characters may be moved to the Special World.
7. Using auto-refresh, leaving the character without control in the Game.

Permanent Account Ban
8. Using bots. In some cases the Player’s punishment may be mitigated.

6. The Board
Board Ban up to 3 days
1. Duplicating topics.
2. Posting topics in wrong sections.
3. “Racing” in creating topics continuations (of topics which move closer to the post limit).
4. Creating topics in order to get more reputation. Such reputation will be removed and the board account will be muted.
5. Game Items Trading via the Board - mute + closing the topic.
6. Violating the topic and section rules.
7. Spam.
8. Trolling - each subsequent penalty will be doubled.
9. Sharing vulgar or inappropriate links.

Board Ban up to 7 days
10. Unreasonable or vulgar post evaluation.
11. Initiating arguments.
12. Censoring vulgarisms (using abbreviations, posting unequivocal contents, censoring words with dots, stars, or other symbols/letters etc.).
13. Clan upvoting and downvoting.

Board Ban up to 14 days
14. Plagiarism.

Board Ban 3-7 days
15. Links (4.7). Exceptions: Off-topic, Tavern, or sections/topics with a chat moderator approval.

Board Ban 14-30 days
16. Sharing pornography and adult content.

Permanent Board Ban
17. Creating topics, which show how to exploit game errors.

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