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Subject: Penalties
Table of penalties

1. Table of charges is valid in all game elements and website as well (including players profile).
If a player is trading his account he will be punished the same way on the forum as well as in the game.
2. Recidivism - if a player commits the same offense twice his punishment will be doubled.
This rule applies to all terms. Third mute on the board of the same reason results in a 3-day ban, which at the next offense will be doubled.
For those who are not willing to change, the reputation reset awaits.
3. Penalties are cumulative. In case of malpractice many rules, the penalty will be summed up.
4. Be sure to have evidence before using the contact panel.
5. Complaints will be considered only with a proper screenshot as the evidence:
- taken in game with visible window and no earlier than 30 days before the report
- must be reported together with the date of their implementation, that has to be visible on the screenshot
- here is how to take a proper screenshot:,320
6. Be aware that some behavior might be considered as a criminal act. Accounts, items, Dragonite or prepaid code thieves, also the bullies who are threatening to a real person or are publishing someone's personal information without his consent are going to be reported to proper law enforcement authorities.
7. Every penalty includes a loss of reputation. The longer the penalty the more reputation is subtracted, however banned players have doubled losses.
8. A player may file complaints only if they have been directly involved in the incident (like during a game or account problem) and as a witness of breaking any rules. It is highly forbidden to use third party accounts to write a report.

II. Thefts
1. Account theft - permanent ban for stolen and thief’s original accounts. If robbed player retrieves his account and proves that he is the owner it will be restored.
2. Items and gold - Game Master may set temporary or permanent ban in case of:
a) items/ gold theft or money loan spend in stolen account, but only if the GM will find irrefutable evidence of guilt.
b) items/ gold theft during unbin with a surcharge, provided that robbed will show evidence of breaking the agreement
c) any other theft during trade or an obvious cheat proved with screenshot,
3. No one has rights to ask for passwords from players.
4. There are no refunds in any form. Player’s nicknames whom committed robbery shall remain secret.
5. The penalty may be involved with stolen items. Utmost, all legendaries and gold will be deleted from every character owned by punished player in a world in which he committed or participated in a robbery.
6. Any form of extorting money (like paying lottery) is considered as a theft. Only the Game Master can decide to shorten or extend the penalty.

All transactions have to be documented.
In case of 2.B and 2.C attached screenshot must present the exact agreement between the trading players.
An agreement must include the full items name.
Screenshot must present the whole game window with visible chat, date and time of concluding the agreement.

Account ban for 3-7 days.
1. Honor Points trade.
2. Exhaustion trade
3. Reputation trade, asking for the pluses
4. Heroes information trade
5. Trading with rent rooms or buying/ selling keys.

Account ban for 14-30 days:
6. The offer of purchasing an account e or reply to such offers to another player.
7. Obvious cheating

Permanent ban:
8. Account trading is totally forbidden.
8.1 Account offer is synonymous with a willingness to join the transaction, as in the case of all auctions. If a player can prove that someone is trying to set him up in account sell, the such account may be restored.
9. Dragonite trades are totally forbidden.
9.1 Dragonite offer is synonymous with a willingness to join the transaction, as in the case of all auctions. Only once under some circumstances the Game Master can shorten the penalty to 14 days.
10. Exchange accounts.
10.1 An account exchange offer is synonymous with a willingness to join the transaction, as in the case of all auctions. Any form of payment for account, item, etc. is treated as a trade. A player may give away for free an account if his character level is not higher than 99.
11. Trading every in-game elements like gold, items, etc. using any form of payment impossible to fulfill within the options offered by the game only. Any kind of offer is synonymous with a willingness to join the transaction, as in the case of all auctions.
Similar penalty apply to prepaid codes, offers in exchange for any in game elements.

Account ban for 3 - 7 days
1. Insulting players.
1.1 Insults on the general chat, if the system will not catch any vulgar language or it will be masked. All other offenses must be reported to the Game Master or Chat Moderator.
1.2 Specific cases of slander, libel and defamation without using foul language or words that are not considered as offensive will be treated with the highest penalty verdict.
1.3 Insulting players in Private Chat – the insulted player is obliged to add such player to his enemies.
2. Pornography - Through erotic we understand all the pictures of an equivocal content.
3. Offensive profile content and insults on the player's profile (not only using foul language), binds to banning an account and deleting the profile.
4. Offensive or inappropriate nickname - nick will be changed randomly by the GM.
5. Impersonation of a well-known player (from the TOP 10 ranking). In addition to temporary account ban there is a possibility to randomize the nickname.
6. Reference links and other game advertising - only exception is the player profile. However, if their goal is to fraud or swindle - see section 3.
7. Spam on the Contact Panel.
8. Intentional game obstruction. For example, by blocking NPC which teleports players or killing elites with a predominance of 13 levels.

Account ban for 14-30 days:
9. Pornography. Broadcast links to pornographic websites. In extreme cases it is possible to impose a permanent ban of your account.
10. Revealing the secrets of the Crimson Brotherhood - removal of a person from CB. People outside the CB familiar with these secrets are required to disclose them. In the case of dissemination of such information player will be punished with a temporary ban and excluded from possibility of joining to the CB.
11. Vulgar language, fascist and other totalitarian ideologies posts, players insults on the official or private clan - entries removal and for founder - temporary account ban. The same principle applies to clan ranks.
12. Incitement to hatred based on race, beliefs, etc., The promotion of fascism or other totalitarian ideologies in all elements of the game.
13. Extortion and threats.
13.1 The accusation of extortion must be based on two evidences: Screenshot where test force is visible and the second, where the player realizes his threats - eg. kill. On both screens date must be visible.
14. Fraudulent application at the contact panel.
15. Proposition of any experience boosts.
16. Insulting the administration. If any other accounts owned by that player will be detected, the penalty will be doubled for all his accounts.
17. Harassment.
17.1 Harassment can be called when someone is notoriously killed by a player with an advantage of at least 20 levels on different maps (clan wars are exceptions)
The player is required to provide an adequate number of screenshots within 3 days from the date of the first screenshot sent. We will not expose numbers of screenshots in order to avoid abuse. The more the better - If a player does not provide an adequate number of screenshots he will be informed.
18. Photos and personal information published without consent (we do not deal with cases when someone puts images on chat which owner already published it by himself in "Our Photos" .)
19. Abuse of the Wanted system.
20. Publication of any correspondence with the Administration (e-mails, contact panel) in all aspects of the game. Exceptions are general information concerning the technical issues. These are not subject whic are punishable. .
21. Asking a player for any account information, in particular: login, password, date of birth, etc. Providing someone (third party) with information needed to access Margonem account also subject to penalty.

Permanent ban:
21. Offers relating to cybersex. Inducement to send undressed pictures in the case of children or persons unwilling to do so.
22. Phishing - password, Dragonites etc. If a player proves that his account has been stolen, it is possible to withdraw the ban.
23. Publication of false contact information to Administration.
24. Impersonation of a Administration, GM, SGM.
25. Ban threatens - such applications will not be considered. A lawful player has nothing to fear. As a response he may submit misbehavior on the chat to a moderator.
26. Changing the account user above 99 level. If the account was transferred, the player must include such information on the profile (date). The information must be clear and written in a prominent place. If a player fails to comply with its obligation he will be temporarily banned.

Account ban for 14-30 days
1. Possession of multiple accounts - the highest level account - ban for 14 days, all other accounts - permanent ban. There is no possibility to switch ban among the other accounts. The first ban is a warning, another is equivalent with a permanent ban for all accounts. The wwner is the person whom an account is assigned to his email address. A player can have two accounts only when the first is banned and the second is being used as a form of contact with the Administration (It cannot be logged to the game, even for a chat). If a player has a temporary ban he cannot create another account in that period to play.
2. Multi-user account.
3. Deputy logs in using a main password - it is treated as multiple account users.

Account ban for 30 days and more.
4. "Farming" - use of multiple accounts for their own purpose. For example: playing in two browsers etc.

Permanent ban
5. Bot usage.
6. Using bugs that provide changes in game balance instead of reporting them.

Up to 3 day ban:
1. Topics duplication
2. Thread in wrong section.
3. "Racing" in setting continuation of topics, which approach to posts limit.
4. Creating topics in order to enhance reputation - subtracting the acquired reputation and mute
5. Trade of in game items - closing the thread and mute
6. Violations of the thread rules.
7. Spam.
8. Trolling - each next penalty is twice longer than the previous one, with no upper limit.
9. Sharing links with inappropriate content.

Ban for 7 days
10. Meaningless or vulgar posts.
11. The initiation of quarrel.
12. Censoring vulgar language (use a shortcut vulgar, posting suggestive content and words etc.)
13. Adding pluses and minuses as a clan.

Ban up to 14 days.
14. Plagiarism (short story, poem, drawing, etc.)

Ban for 3 - 7 days
15. Reference Links - (see IV.I, 6) Exceptions are topics in the relevant sections (Off-topic and) which are allowed by the moderator. For example threads about other games and are not spam.

Ban for 14 - 30 days.
16. Dissemination of pornography and any other adult content.

Permanent ban
17. Posts and threads that show how how to exploit bugs instead of report them.

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